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UPDATE: 31 things to do before I turn 32

Marking a few things off the list
3. Watch my friend Philip get married.
This was one hot wedding. And I’m not just talking about the grooms. Set at Philip’s parents’ house in Kansas, family and friends gathered in 100-degree temps to watch the couple exchange their rings. Then we took refuge inside, where there was a room full of homemade cookies. There must’ve been more than 1,000 cookies in all. There were so many the guests were told to take some when they left. It was a little bit of heaven. Congrats Philip and Chris! You two deserve every happiness!

22. Make it back to the Hollywood Bowl this summer.
It was a beautiful evening to sit on the picnic bench and enjoy the Kings of Leon. The last time I saw them it was 2003 and they were young, energetic and long-haired (kinda like me). They’re still young (we will never age), just as energetic, but definitely shorter in the hair (again, just like me). The big difference? Back in 2003, we carried lighters and used them during the slow songs. In 2010, the glow of cellphones reigns, with people tweeting, recording video and Facebooking constantly. I kinda miss the good ole days where people actually WATCHED the concert.

16. See a band in concert that I haven’t seen before.
A few months ago we saw Portugal. The Man for free at an art show in Hollywood. Or should I say we heard them. The space was pretty cramped, so we stood in the alley and enjoyed the music without actually seeing the band. Can’t complain for a free show!
Also, we saw The Features and Built to Spill, both for the first time, at the Hollywood Bowl.

Under the Jib
7. Go sailing.
This was one of my favorite things from our trip to Seattle. It was so relaxing. More details here.

Wish List 08.24.10


If I were to the win the lottery, there are a lot of frivolous things I wouldn’t do. For instance, I wouldn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a multi-faucet shower (hey, it’s been known to happen).

But I would buy my baby a completely frivolous bouncer like this one from Pottery Barn. I heart it so.

Public Writing vs. Private Writing

Public Writing vs. Private Writing •

Yes, this is my eyeball.

Did you know that I’ve been writing a blog since 2003? Not this blog, obviously, but a blog? It’s true. All of my previous blogs had one thing in common: Some semblance of anonymity. And it’s totally different, public writing vs. private writing.

The first two blogs, very hidden and very private, ironically were also the most confessional. I would go into hilarious detail about anything and everything. For example, a tame entry from 2003:

I feel it necessary to tell you about our new evil alarm clock. First of all, it has enough buttons to qualify for a remote control to a spy submarine. I’m afraid to touch anything because I can’t even find the snooze button. So I tried to read the four-page instructional guide like a good owner, but I found the instructions lacking in several areas. Thinking I could gain further insight, I read the Spanish and French versions of the same instructions. I think I caught the French words for “piece of shit” in there somewhere. We finally go to sleep thinking we have it worked out — and believe it or not, the alarm went off! … And then again every other minute on the minute for the next five minutes. H yanks the plug out of its socket and runs off to the restroom thinking he had solved the problem. It then started beeping a special beep, as if to say, “You bitches cut off my electricity, but I will show you. Oh, yes, I will show you.” I had H dissect the monstrosity, and it finally stopped doing unnatural things.

This blog, however, is me at my most censored. The wide audience of this blog leads me to err on the side of caution. There are so many people I know in real life who are aware of its existence that I over-think everything I write and whether it can be misconstrued or seen as something that would deem me un-hireable in the future. I picture my boss reading it, thinking, “Who the hell is this person?”

It worries me a little that the blog with the widest audience also contains the least amount of “real” me. Even though I’m not actively veiling this blog, I often feel anonymous by way of omission and purposely vague entries.

Do I censor myself bland? And how do I strike that balance of professionalism and personality? Is it even possible? Have you had the same struggle with public writing vs. private writing? Thoughts?

Fashion Rewind: Dazed and Confused

One of my favorite all-time movies is “Dazed and Confused.” I believe I’ve waxed poetic about its soundtrack before.

So when Design Sponge featured it on her Living In series earlier this week, I was inspired to not only push the film to the top of my Netflix queue for a little reacquaintance, but I also came up with a totally bitchin’ look for cheap.

Dazed and Confused style: Finding inspiration in one of my favorite movies of all time. Air raid, bitches! •
Dazed and Confused style: Finding inspiration in one of my favorite movies of all time. Air raid, bitches! •
Dazed and Confused style: Finding inspiration in one of my favorite movies of all time. Air raid, bitches! •
Dazed and Confused style: Finding inspiration in one of my favorite movies of all time. Air raid, bitches! •

Alright. Air raid, you freshman bitches! Whether you’re the senior who makes all the freshman fry like little piggies or you need pliers to zip yourself into your jeans or you get lost trying to find the kegger in the woods or you zone out while strumming “The Alien Song” on your guitar or you just can’t wait to buy your Aerosmith tickets, it’s the summer of 1976. Enjoy.

Dazed and Confused Style

Dazed and Confused style: Finding inspiration in one of my favorite movies of all time. Air raid, bitches! •

Gabriella Dolman – Alloy – $26.90
Exotic Fashion Necklace – Old Navy – $4.97
Converse All Stars – Tillys – $36.99
Seniors ’77 Tee – Found Item Clothing – $21.95
Alina Embellished Cascade Vest – Delia’s – $34.50
Floral-Starburst Gauze Scarf – Old Navy – $12.50
Bellbottom in Vintage Bellgrade – 7forallmankind – $109
Red Striped Knee Sock – Hot Topic – $6.99
Joint – Price varies
Happy Face Mug – Pier 1 – $6
Ikat Boho Sack – Free People – $49.95
Enigma Wedge Platform Sandals – Lori’s Shoes – $49.90

100 Movies: 72, 73

And the countdown continues in my quest to watch and find something inspiring in every single one of Yahoo’s 100 Movies to See Before You Die.

Martins arrives in post-WWII Vienna to take a job from his friend Harry Lime, only to find out that Lime was killed in a traffic accident. Or was he? I’ll be honest, I gave up on this slow-going film noir (I know, and it’s my favorite kind of film, too!). It was just far too slow. I almost fell asleep in the first 30 minutes, and after that I had more interest in watching the shadows on the wall than the shadowy characters on screen. Inspiration? To not waste my time watching boring films, no matter what list they’re on.


Atticus Finch: If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.

I was given this book by one of my favorite teachers in junior high, and soon after I delved into the adventures of Atticus Finch, Scout and Jem. This Southern story of injustice and the end of innocence made a deep impression on me. I just now got around to watching the film, which intrigued me all over again. Gregory Peck’s performance as the post-Depression widower lawyer who defends a black man in a rape case is riveting. And Robert Duvall as the mysterious neighbor Boo Radley … has Robert Duvall been old forever or what! Inspiration? To go back and read this novel again.

How to Pack a Carry-On So You Don’t Have to Check a Bag

stinkin' pink

You know what? I miss flying with a suitcase. Ever since airlines started charging for checked luggage, I’ve been hesitant to do it out of sheer principle. There’s something unsettling about the entire experience of flying — from overpaying for coach tickets to being herded and prodded like cattle — that, by jove, I will NOT suffer the indignity of paying for my suitcase!

Unfortunately this means I’ve had to learn tricks to squish my belongings into a single carry-on. Goodbye, outfit choices. Goodbye, multiple shoes. This also means that I must deal with the reality that I will make a drugstore stop at my destination to buy razors and shaving cream.


But after a few trial and errors, I have the essentials down.

1. Versatile clothes and shoes. If I can’t plan at least three outfits with an item, it doesn’t find a spot in my backpack. No more than three pairs of shoes, including the ones I wear to the airport, and one being comfortable walking shoes.
2. One thin T-shirt and yoga pants. Sleeping attire. Small, practically weightless, sleeping attire.
3. Underwear. No way to fudge that.
4. A tiny vanity bag of toiletries. Toothbrush, travel shampoo, body wash, toothpaste. Solid perfume. The bare essentials.
5. Another tiny bag of jewelry and makeup. This also gets the three-outfit test. Two pairs of earrings, two or three necklaces. Tops. For makeup, I bring a compact and lip gloss. Very, very simple.
6. Reading material. Two magazines or one book, tops.
7. Technology. This, unfortunately, is where I get weighed down. Camera, cellphone, iPod, plus all the accompanying cords. Hey, at least I don’t bring my laptop anymore!
8. Snacks. A granola bar or handful of nuts. No need to pay $5 for the same thing on the plane or in the airport.
9. Handbag. Used as my “personal item.” This is where I keep my wallet, important papers and tissue. I consider tissue a Very Important Thing when flying.
10. Luxury item. Like on “Survivor,” I believe I should have one thing that is completely frivolous on my travels. It’s different every time. And it rarely comes in handy. But it is important nonetheless.

How do you lean in packing? Do you need more snacks …

… more clothes …

packing or unpacking?

… more books …

reads by the sea

… or more technology?


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Baby, Baby!


I have some exciting news I’d like to share with you … H and I are expecting our first baby! I’ve been waiting (mostly impatiently) to spread the word, so now that I’m 14.5 weeks along I can hardly contain myself. And wow. Is this baby going to be photogenic or what? Look at that, barely the size of a peach and already posing and waving. My heart is melting.