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September 2010


Baby Talk

The pregnant women on one of the baby boards I frequent are already bragging about being done with their nurseries. Not me. I’m still stalking things. I just can’t seem to pounce! In fact, last weekend H and I went to several baby stores and snooped around. We left emptyhanded. I just can’t bring myself to buy anything big. Like a crib. Or a car seat. Or a bouncy chair. Or … anything, really.

Till then, I’ll continue stalking my prey. Here are some nurseries that really speak to me. Click on the photo to view the source.

I adore the color scheme here. I’ve been thinking about doing green and brown with a splash of lavender. The crib in the middle of the room is an interesting take.

But what about a sophisticated take in a palette of neutrals? This room could definitely last longer than just a few years. A note on the Eames rockers: I’ve seen a lot of ladies do this in the nursery, and as much as I love the modern design, I just don’t get it. Doesn’t seem comfortable. Am I wrong?

Or do I want to do something with more color? The orange really pops like this. And you simply must click on the photo to see how the alphabet frames came to life.

Even more orange, but as a subtle accent this time. Very peaceful room.

Fiesta for the eyes! It’s a little louder than my usual style, but I am really drawn to all the bright colors mixed together in a way that looks totally put together somehow..

But wait … blue walls. Me likey. And grabby hands for that owl pillow, orange lamp and birdie mobile.

1 - nursery 1
Still loving these blue walls, in dual tone this time. Yellow looks nice here, too.

This is inspiring to me because our soon-to-be nursery has a lot of shelving already, and I love the use of the shelves for soft things like teddy bears and bedding. We do live in earthquake country, after all.

Baby H's Room
The gray crib and armoire are tres chic. Love the wall decals, too.

View from the door
Back to my original color scheme: rich browns, greens.

Archie's blue and green nursery
Love this minimalistic approach to the nursery. The fabric wall hangings are fun, too!

To sum it up, I’m torn! I thought at first that I was 100 percent attracted to an espresso crib, but I noticed that I’m mostly drawn to rooms with white or gray cribs. And apparently I’m a sucker for tree wall decals (I already have one in my living room, so this isn’t too much of a surprise).

Gray/white/neutral with pop of color?
Bold colors throughout?

Too many decisions, I tell you. I’ll keep you updated when I finally decide to pounce.

Photoshoot: Malibu Morning

Sitting in the Sand
She and He
Mini Tsunami
Malibu Morning

Can you believe we hadn’t been to Malibu since April? Usually we head that way once a month, enjoy a leisurely stroll on the beach and gaze at the natural beauty of the coastline. So this was actually the first time our baby-in-utero has partaken in sea air or heard the roar of a mighty wave (there were many large ones this time, too!). I can’t wait to bring the little one back to the beach in the future. We’ll build sand castles and take naps under the sun — it’ll be awesome.

Baby Talk


20 weeks

Dear Baby,

Twenty weeks down, kiddo, and twenty weeks to go. When Mommy first found out about you, she broke into a cold sweat and forced Daddy to drive to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to get another pregnancy test to make sure it was true. Yep, just like in the movies!

So far we’ve found out a lot about you. You like Mexican food and ketchup on your eggs. You move around a lot, and Mommy is finally starting to feel those little jabs and roundhouse kicks. You make Mommy very, very sleepy. But then you wake her up 60 times a night to pee (practice, we’re sure, for the near future). Everyone thinks you’re a “she,” but the jury’s still out till tomorrow’s anatomy scan. We can’t wait to find out more about you.

Oh! And if there’s one thing you find out about us, it’s that we love you.


L.A., Plumbing Is Not Your Strong Suit

singing in the shower

Living on the bottom floor is often advantageous. You can jump up and down without pissing anyone off, for instance. You can rearrange your furniture at any hour, and possibly even throw together an impromptu bowling tournament with cans of vegetables and a beach ball (not that I’ve ever done this). And you don’t have to worry about falling through the floor.

However, you do have to worry about drowning and/or wet people falling on top of you.

Yes, the first apartment we occupied in this fair land was plagued with kitchen and bathroom plumbing issues. At first I was generous about these problems, thinking the blame fell on our idiot neighbors who were fond of disposing of all kinds of indisposable crap in the garbage disposal and/or toilet, causing miniature floods all over our apartment. But after switching to a condo across town and witnessing the ceiling of our shower plummet to the ground* (thankfully no naked humans followed), I’m convinced that the plumbing in L.A. is simply bad. That is all. Consider this a public service announcement.

* The cat is traumatized.

Fashion Forward: Triangle Handbags





While Internet surfing for a fall bag, I’ve noticed myself gravitating toward triangle patterns. And they all have such different personalities. The Need Supply bag reminds me of “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Then there’s the bunting-inspired bag from Eesome. It’s a shame there aren’t even more of them. I’d like to find a bag with an even more graphical mind, like this art.