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January 2011


Fashion Rewind: Mean Girls


Ahh. Remember when Lindsay Lohan was cute and spunky and not out of her effin’ mind? Yes, I’m digging back to 2004 when “Mean Girls” was fetch and there was no such thing as “Mean Girls 2,” a horrible movie ABC Family was pushing last weekend.

Now pretend you’re in The Plastics clique, beyotch. You wear a lot of pink and do a lot of backstabbing by writing in a Burn Book and you definitely do NOT join the Mathletes. That’s like, social suicide. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t wear sweatpants on a Monday.

Smells Like Teen Spirit tee – YouHe& – $22
Striped Boatneck Tee – Old Navy – $6
Argyle Sweater Vest – Old Navy – $15
Striped T-shirt – American Eagle Outfitters – similar $20
Pink Clove Skirt – I Don’t Like Mondays – $69.50
Aerial Ribbon Skirt – ModCloth – $55
Pas de Trois Skirt – ModCloth – $65

Western Shirt – Topshop – $58
Juicy Couture velour hoodie – Revolve Clothing – $98
Seashell Hoodie – Athleta – $80
Locksley Hoodie – Allsaints – $55
Zip-up Hoodie – American Eagle Outfitters – $50

Bunch of Fun Dress – ModCloth – $58
Initial Necklace – Tobi – $50
Raspberry Tartlett Dress – ModCloth – $30
Wind Chime Earrings – ModCloth – $16
Heathered Gray Dress – Ruche – $39
Kimchi Blue T-Straps – UO – $25
Desert Dessert Heel – ModCloth – $40
Deena & Ozzy pumps – UO – $30

Baby Talk

39 Weeks

39 weeks!

Dear Baby,

The doctors are saying you are about 8 pounds 10 ounces. I saw a glimpse of your cute chubby cheeks and dazzling smile on ultrasound last week, and it blows my mind that within the next several days we will meet face to face. As much as I’m ready to hold you in my arms and put the uncomfortable waddling behind me, there are a few things about your fetal personality that I want to always remember. I want to remember how you are always wide awake between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight, my little night owl. You also kick me awake every morning at 5:30, just about the time Daddy wakes up to go to work. I love how, if I’m ever concerned that you’re being too quiet, I can wake you up by sipping a little bit of Coke Zero. But don’t get too cozy in the womb, little one. You are coming out soon!


Fashion Forward: Color Blocking

I’m going to admit that I’m a little nervous that I don’t have a set of blocks for the baby yet. It’s not like she’s going to hop out of the womb, inspect the nursery and start screaming if she doesn’t find the perfect set of vintage alphabet blocks spelled out in her name, I know, but still it’s something that’s been on my nesting mind.

So it should come as no surprise that the clothes catching my eye have color blocks in common. It started with the Jil Sander dress below. Oh, to be a waif with an extreme haircut who also has a hugely disposable income with which to purchase Jil Sander dresses.

Alas, I have found other gems more in line with most budgets. Behold:




The Nursery Makeover

We’re getting close to finishing the nursery. It’s been an ongoing project now for several months, but I’m finally getting to the point of (near) satisfaction with it. We rent, so we had a few things to work with: green paint on the walls (which I happen to love) and already-there shelving (which comes in handy even though a few of the shelves bow).

Thinking we would get more mileage out of a glider if it were in the living room, we brought one of our leather chairs into the nursery. The rug is from IKEA, as is the side table. The “You Are My Sunshine” print on the left side of the photo is from Sparkle Power.

The pompom mobile is from My Silly Bear and the owl print is from Oh Louise Designs.

The baby already has tons of little stuffed wonders, including the soft, floppy pink beast on the left from her Uncle Chad and the penguin and owl in the middle from Sara. The owl is from Adventure Cubs (and the other owl hidden behind is from Bird Mafia). The polka dot bedding is from DwellStudio for Target.

Set of prints on wood from Petit Collage.

Did you guess the theme of the nursery yet? Owls, baby! These owls happen to come from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and no nursery post would be complete without a shot of the baby’s growing shoe collection. She also has more clothes than her mama. No joke.

Fashion Forward: Striped Scarves


A few weeks ago I was in an Ann Taylor Loft store and was drawn like a magnet to this scarf. The colors worked perfectly with my skin tone. It was like it was meant for me. But then, after five minutes of wearing it, I started to feel flush. I’ve always run a little hot, but now that there’s a proverbial bun in the oven I’m constantly at 350 degrees. As much as it pained me to do so, I put it back on a mannequin and walked out scarfless.

But since then I’ve been noticing striped scarfs everywhere. It’s like they are taunting me. After the baby is born one of them will be mine. Oh yes, one will be mine.

1) Kate Spade
2) Forever 21
3) Modcloth
4) B. Poetic Home

1) Madewell
2) Nordstrom
3) Modcloth
4) Ann Taylor

The It List

Five things I’m lovin’ right now …
This lovely image from Everybody Love Sandwiches makes me want to chop up a ton of citrus into a Citrus Wallop Fruit Salad. I might need a sharper knife, though.

Fortune cookie baby booties from Sushi Booties.

Zigzag sequin headbands like this one by Bethany Lorelle.

This simply awesome crocheted owl rug by Peanut Butter Dynamite. Who could walk on this bad boy?

The Merriweather Council’s brilliantly simple stitchings.

Tune Time: 2011 Looks to Be a Good Year


The Get Up Kids

Can I tell you how excited I am that two of my favorite bands are on track for awesome releases in the next few months? I must be living under a rock (which I’ve already pretty much admitted), but it came as a big shock to me that The Get Up Kids were back together and working on a new album, “There Are Rules,” to be released Jan. 25. Well, I quickly picked my jaw off the floor and have been listening to a few of the tracks off the album nonstop. They. Are. Good. And you can download “Shatter Your Lungs” for free.


A new-to-me but still hellified old image of The Strokes, from back when Julian was still drinking

And finally The Strokes have set March as the month they will finally release No. 4, which apparently soundwise falls between Nos. 2 and 3. Whatever. It’s been five years since their last album. At this point I’d be happy with an EP.

Photoshoot: Rainy + Sunny

It Never Rains in Southern California
Mirror Image

These two images came out of my last batch of photos, and I had to share because they remind me that every few years there is a spell of rainy weather in Los Angeles that doesn’t seem to go away. And every few years I’m reminded that I do not have the appropriate footwear for these deluges. Too many suede shoes, too many peep-toes, too many flip-flops. But then the skies clear and the air is so clean you can see for miles and miles. And you realize all that moisture was worth it! Until the smog returns, that is.