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April 2011


Her First Camera

She won’t smile in front of the camera yet, but that’s because she won’t stop staring at it. Will my baby girl inherit the shutterbug gene from her mama? There’s only one way to find out: put a camera in her hands. But since her hands are still tiny and slimy and always in her mouth, she’ll need a starter camera that will stand up to her wear and tear. A wooden camera, or perhaps a smart felt camera (which can do double duty as a spit rag because, like I’ve implied, it will end up in her mouth). Really, there are just too many good options to choose just one. Which is your favorite?






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Something About Tornadoes

Toeing the Line
I was scrolling through Facebook updates when I came across a status from a high school friend: “Wow i feel so old! Watching the news & they said the tornado was 20 yrs ago…20 yrs ago!!! How is that possible?!”

The tornado in question shredded through our suburb and went on to carve a path through several other suburbs of Wichita, Ks. We were in sixth grade. I remember it like it was yesterday for several reasons.

The obvious was that I saw the thing. I was a very cautious 12-year-old, making sure my little brother and mom were hidden beneath the stairs in our basement as the sky turned green. But my dad, a lifelong weather buff, was another story. He was glued to the sliding glass patio door, watching the storm while I desperately pleaded with him to come downstairs. He relented, but not before we both caught a glimpse of that monster tornado. Afterward we collected the softball-sized hail that fell in our lawn and drove through our community, assessing the damage. I distinctly remember seeing a 2×4 lodged into a refrigerator at the hardest-hit site. Needless to say, this F5 tornado claimed several lives.

The other, not so obvious reason this event is ingrained in my memory is that it was the catalyst for me to start my very first journal. I still have this journal: black with pink hearts and a lock that never locked. I added stickers that read “Don’t Touch” and “Stay At Least 10 Miles Away” and “Stay Out” just in case you didn’t get the hint that this WAS PRIVATE.

Now, I will share with you the entry that started a lifetime of journaling/blogging. Too bad I can’t show you the pencil illustration I drew underneath the entry depicting an “angry” tornado and stick figures running from it. And to get the full effect you have to imagine every exclamation mark with an “x” instead of a dot.

“First of all on Tuesday I started my period. OK, back to the terror that happened just last night. There was a tornado. An honest to god tornado! I saw it with my own two eyes! It was the most exciting thing that happened to me! God, how can I say it was beautiful when it was so ugly? It was worse than the Hesston tornado last year. It tore through Andover and I just don’t know what to say. Except Chad and I cramped into my small closet. Gotta split like a banana and peel like a potato.”

I’m not sure which is more impressive: that I thought the tornado was beautiful or that my first period got top billing.

Photoshoot: Easter


My baby girl is camera shy. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to stare at the camera, but as soon as it makes its appearance she stops smiling and cooing. I’m determined to get a good smile photo of her. It will happen! Just not yet.

And even though we were all feeling a little under the weather, we had to go outside and take photos next to the wall of purple flowers for her first Easter. She was not too thrilled to be put into that cute satin dress. Alexa is all about comfort and stretch and softness. But as soon as she got her little fingers on that tulle, she wouldn’t let go. Perhaps she will be a ballerina after all!

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Steppin’ Out


I’m wearing:
Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Mom’s

Baby’s wearing:
Onesie: Carter’s
Dress: Target
Bee hair clip: Gifted

Husband snapped a few shots of me and Miss Alexa before we went to a party Saturday evening. Jersey dresses have been a staple for me since early in my pregnancy, and I’ve found myself still reaching for them every morning. They’re super simple but make me feel polished in between baby slobber and changing diapers. Taking an objective look at this outfit, though, those old Target shoes have gotta go. I mean, wow. I look all pigeon-toed. File under: not attractive. But at least Miss Alexa is looking stunning with her cute little bumblebee hair clip.

Baby Talk

twelve weeks old

Dear Baby Alexa,

Twelve weeks old. You are such a paradox. You won’t sleep well unless you’re swaddled yet you break out like a tiny Houdini at every chance. You like to sit up straight but you can’t quite prop yourself up yet. You want to drink more milk even though you’re still spitting up the last milk you drank. You want a diaper change but when we change your diaper you get pissed off.

What Mommy wouldn’t do for a little bit of communication. Some sign language, a simple “yes” or “no.” But it’s a mind-reading job, this parenthood thing. I’d like to think it will get easier when you can speak, but I know mind-reading will be an ongoing skill I will have to hone (especially when you are a teenager).

You are starting to play with toys! Your favorite toys are the plastic ones you can grasp. You have a little ball and lots of little loops you hang onto. The loops are big enough to fit around your wrist. I gave one to you today and you didn’t let go of it for hours. And when you did you let it slide over your hand onto your wrist like a little bracelet — your first piece of jewelry!

Things you love: Being naked (now that it’s warm), staring at the bookshelf, the baby aisles at Target
Things you hate: Bedtime. Naptime. Any time you’re expected to sleep.


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Baby, Meet the Ocean

Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean
Baby Goes to Ocean

This was the first time we took Alexa to our favorite perch above the ocean, the one we go to all the time to spy dolphins and crazy people who like to climb all the way down the cliff to the beach below (once upon a time we were those crazy people). Baby girl was happy as a clam being close to her daddy as long as she was shielded from the wind and bright sun.

Something about these images reminds me of the McCartney album cover. Minus the coat and, of course, Paul McCartney. But Husband’s haircut is similar to Macca’s, isn’t it? There really is nothing sweeter than a man holding a baby. I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it, cuz I’m sentimental like that. Ahh, postpartum hormones, you slay me.

Link Love

Growing up there was only one way to decorate Easter eggs: dunk them into dye with one of those crappy wire things and hope for the best. And there was That Vinegar Smell. I won’t deny that I’m nostalgic for the Paas of the past, but I’m happy to start new traditions for my new family — including trying a different method every year. I’ll file these away and choose one to do with Miss Alexa when she is a little older and more “hands on.”

Using strips of Japanese washi tape. So pretty, so easy, so un-messy. Perfect for little hands, too. [via Pearlie Pink]

A papier-mache egg to store other (better) goodies in! [via Not Martha]

Labor intensive, but so cute and fun, using wax to layer on colors in the Ukrainian tradition would definitely keep her occupied when she’s a preteen, I think. [via Jen Loves Kev]

For the extremely ambitious, stitched eggs. This might be saved for after I find out whether Miss Alexa is craft-gifted. Because I’m not, and these eggs would surely break in my clutches. [via Design Sponge]