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Fashion Forward: Mint + Navy

I love piers. There’s something about walking out OVER the ocean that makes me feel powerful, like She-Ra. Back when I lived in Myrtle Beach there were lots of wooden ones, and each step you could look through and see the water moving underneath you. The one in Manhattan Beach here is paved, but it has the most gorgeous railing in the shade of mint green. I noticed it juxtaposed with the deep navy blue of the incoming waves and had a dash of inspiration: mint + navy. Yes? No?

What if you had a navy dress …



… and paired it with mint accessories?



Photoshoot: 4 Months Old

four months old

Baby girl turned 4 months old on May 28. Each month on the 28th I plan to take a photoshoot with Miss Alexa and her owl to mark her growth because, as everyone likes to remind me, “they’re only little for a short while.”

She’s squarely in the 3-6 month clothing range now (even though from time to time I can sneak a 0-3 bubble romper on her as long as I leave a few snaps unsnapped so they don’t squeeze her legs). Her checkup is on Tuesday, so I’ll know official stats later. BUT. I can tell you that she is getting tall. I’ve been taking these monthly photos on top of our bed and it hasn’t been an issue to get her full body in the frame — that is, up until now.

This little squirmer is getting more active. She’s grabbing that owl, giggling a lot, kicking her legs and reaching out to touch her toes.

She’s still drinking milk and only milk. She’s showing signs that she’s ready for food, including reaching out for my smoothies and egg sandwiches, but I’m going to wait as long as possible because (on top of the usual reasons and studies and whatnot) feeding her sounds like a mess.

Update with stats: 15 lbs. 12 oz., 24 inches long, excellent healthy baby!

four months old

Past months: 1 month old  •  2 months old  •  3 months old

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Steppin’ Out

Steppin' Out 05.28.11

Steppin' Out 05.28.11

What Alexa wore
Vintage sailor dress: Opal Vintage

Steppin' Out 05.28.11

What I wore
Purple dress: Ross
Cardigan: TJ Maxx
Necklace + Ring: c/o Minzer
Shoes: Thrifted

This was one of those days when I definitely thought I looked better than I did. This dress is soooo comfortable, being a stretchy knit and all. I wore it through nine months of pregnancy. And maybe that’s what did it in. I spared you the full-body shots (whew, thanks, you say). Without any visuals, let’s just say it was a little loose in certain areas and perhaps even indecent in others (hi, cleavage). Faults aside I’m not convinced that I want to retire it from my repertoire just yet. Because it’s so damn comfy.

Anyway, this is what we wore out for tea and thrifting on Saturday afternoon.

Isn’t Alexa’s sailor dress darling? It’s from none other than Mandy‘s vintage shop. She sent it with a little nautical card that was so thoughtful and cute. Thanks, Mandy!

I first saw Minzer at Unique L.A., but the booth was overrun by people while I was there so I ordered a rope + fiber necklace later, which will be seen in a later post I’m sure. Imagine my delight to find these lovely extras in the package I received yesterday. You can’t see great detail, but the felted ring is adorned with a little buffalo coin and that necklace? It stayed on all day. Baby nor weather nor wind bothered it! Accomplishment indeed.

Baby Talk

seventeen weeks

Dear Baby Alexa,

Seventeen weeks old. This has been one happening week. You surprised us Monday evening by rolling over from your tummy to your back THREE TIMES. We were so excited. You were so excited. We were all so excited that you wouldn’t fall asleep until 11 p.m.

You waited a few more days to do it again, but now you’re pretty pleased with yourself and it’s becoming old hat. This morning you turned halfway over from your back, so it’s only a matter of time before we won’t be able to turn our backs on you for even a second without you rolling all over the place.

You’ve started squealing with delight and sometimes with annoyance. Your drooling is reaching epic proportions. Most of your cute outfits are topped with a bib just to contain all that drool. Oh, and our little raspberry is now blowing raspberries. It’s soooo cute.

You are finally starting to outgrow swaddling. You have been sleeping with one arm out this past week. Sometimes you need help going to sleep, and Mommy or Daddy holds that little exposed hand while you drift off.

Daddy just finished putting together your jumperoo while you nap. We are sitting on pins and needles, waiting for you to wake up so you can test it out. We have a hunch you are going to love it.

Things you love: “standing,” going for car rides, looking around, sitting in your Bumbo, chewing on spit rags (or dresses, or blankets, anything that’s not nailed down), your after-bath massage, the octopus that hangs above your bathtub, your new Blabla doll

Things you hate: reclining — you want to be upright ALL THE TIME


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Tune Time: Nursery Rhymes

I was just sitting with Miss Alexa and humming some nonsense tune to her after exhausting all my favorite Beatles songs (my first line of defense) when I realized how few nursery rhymes and songs I really know. So I did what any good mother would do: I googled them.

And can I ask you why we’re singing our children such depressing songs?

I mean, I know about “Ring Around the Rosie” and how it may or may not have something to do with the Black Plague. Regardless of the origin of the song, the words “ashes to ashes we all fall down” are pretty bleak. And I also realize that “You Are My Sunshine” is about the loss of a loved one.

On top of these there are tons of songs about people getting physically injured.

Jack and Jill are falling down the hill. The old man is bumping his head and not able to get out of bed. The baby’s cradle is falling out of the tree. Humpty Dumpty is breaking to pieces, never to be mended.

But then I came across “Oh My Darling Clementine,” a tune I remember fondly from my childhood, but I only remember the chorus. It’s a good thing, too, because the song is the most depressing thing ever, about a miner’s daughter who fell into the “brine” and drowned.


I think I’d rather continue to sing Beatles songs to Alexa. At least I can back messages like “All You Need Is Love” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

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^^ Love, love me, do. You know I love you. I’ll always be true. So please … love me, do. ^^

Chic for Cheap: Summer Picnic

You might think that wearing a maxi dress to a picnic is the perfect compromise of comfort and function. At least, that’s what I thought, so that’s what I wore last weekend. Trouble is, I kept tripping on the skirt while I was trying to fly my kite. Lounging on the blanket was also challenging because I kept ending up in compromising positions while trying to give my lily white legs some sunshine.

This is what I’ll wear next time. Some cute cropped pants, a long flowy top, a large lightweight scarf in case the breeze gets chilly, cute wedges that can be kicked off. Ahh, I can feel the sun on my face right now.

Total cost: $260

23. Go on a picnic and fly a kite with my little family.

Crossing an item off my birthday goal list, and dumping a ton of photos on you at the same time. I couldn’t help it; they were all so beautiful I couldn’t narrow it down any more than this.

Before we had a baby we would just jump in the car and drive to the park with nothing but a camera and a soccer ball, lie on the grass and stare at the clouds. Now we have to check and double check that diaper bag, pack a bag with a blanket and extra clothes and baby blankets and bottles and OMG are we ever going to leave the house. Daylight’s wasting, let’s goooooo! By the time we stopped by Whole Foods to grab our picnic sandwiches (pulled pork with onions and pickles oh my) we made it to the park nearly two hours after the idea first formed in our minds.

This park up on the Hill is my absolute favorite. There’s a huge expanse of vibrant green grass that appears to drop off into the sky above the ocean. In the late afternoon, the mist comes in and blots out the sun. I’m not doing it justice with this description. Just suffice it to say it’s one of my favorite spots in L.A.

At first it seemed like the kite was going to be a bust. H put it together while I smeared sunblock on all of us. My pasty white legs that match the clouds, Alexa’s milky baby skin and H’s farmer tan. Finally, after several failed attempts, we were able to get the kite in the air for about a minute at a time, which is enough to keep us trying for longer. We were like mice in a wheel, working hard for that tiny reward. But give me a break. Getting that kite to soar — even for five seconds — is a wonderful feeling.

Plus, I think it’s been at least 20 years since I’ve flown a kite. If you haven’t flown one since you were a kid, I highly recommend it. You’ll feel younger afterward.

Baby Talk

sixteen weeks old

Dear Baby Alexa,

Sixteen weeks old. Mommy is a little obsessed with photos of you pouting and crying. This isn’t because you’re an unhappy baby. Au contraire, it’s because you are so cute when you’re mad. You are quick to tell us when something is not to your liking. We adjust you, the bottle, the situation, whatever is bothering you. And voila! Back to happy baby!

We channel Billy Zane in “Titanic” when you pitch a mini fit. “Alexa is displeased. What to do …”

A few things that displeased you this week: the bright sunlight at the park, the crazy hot corner at the Chinese buffet (no one puts Baby in a corner!), getting out of the bath, stepping on cobblestone for the first time, having the drool wiped from your mouth (sorry, but Mommy will continue to fight this losing battle for the time being).

A few things you loved this week: hanging upside down and letting the blood rush to your brain, “flying,” working on sitting up by yourself, the cool breeze on your face

We love it when you wake up and we walk into your nursery. We are greeted with the biggest smile and laughter. You are so happy to see us, every time. Melts our hearts.


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