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July 2011


Steppin’ Out

What I’m wearing:
Cardi: Kohl’s
Blouse: UK Style by French Connection, Sears (I know, right! Similar here)
Jeans: Target
Necklace: Vintage via my grandmother

What H is wearing:
T-shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Gap, thrifted
Shoes: Skechers
Accessories: See previous Steppin’ Out posts

What Alexa’s wearing:
Dress and bloomers: Janie and Jack, via Sara
Hair bow: Target

This little Janie and Jack dress has been hanging on the wall in Alexa’s room for a few months because it’s so pretty. I’ve been looking at it daily and not thinking about it much, but then I had a panic attack. OMG, did Alexa outgrow this beauty while it was hanging on the wall? I tore it down and my heart sunk to find that it was 3-6 months, exactly the size she’s growing OUT of. Crossing my fingers, I put it over her head, and voila! It fits, with room to spare. Such a gorgeous color. Maybe a little dressy for our leisurely day of coffee, ocean and thrifting (hello, we like Saturday routines around here), but it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, right?

I have loads of necklaces and other jewelry that was given to me after my mom died, and most of that jewelry includes pieces my mom inherited after my grandma died. This necklace is one. It’s gorgeous. I wish I knew the story behind it. This curiosity is happening to me more and more often. But everyone who knows the story is gone.

On a lighter note, H’s birthday is Monday so we celebrated with a low-key day this weekend, finishing with a dinner of salmon, potatoes and kale that I prepared. I think he enjoyed it. It’s a far cry from the all-day affairs I used to plan or the parties I used to throw, but whatchagonnado? We have a baby now!

P.S. Happy birthday to my brother, too, who turned 29 on Friday. All these Leos in my family. So much drama. Just kidding, guys.

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Photoshoot: 6 Months Old

six months old

Baby girl turned 6 months old on July 28. Each month on the 28th I plan to take a photoshoot with Miss Alexa and her owl to mark her growth because, as everyone likes to remind me, “they’re only little for a short while.”

Guess who just pulled out all the 6-9 month clothes? There are so many cute things, but you know what that really means. I have to put away stuff she’s outgrown, which always makes me choke up.

She is sleeping through the night consistently. Usually 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. If I’m lucky she’ll sleep till 6 a.m. Needless to say mama still has bags under her eyes.

Something clicked one day and she started drinking her milk faster, so we switched to the fast nipples. Her feeding time has been cut down from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. Awesome! And she also decided she likes to eat whatever we have on our plates. Any baby food specifically for her? Uh, OK. But she really wants our pasta. I think we will be buying some of these soon so she can suck on the things she can’t chew yet.

Doc says she’s growing “perfectly.” She went back for her checkup and shots, and she hates those shots. The cries she lets out simply make my heart shrivel up and die. But I put on a brave face and hold her close so she knows everything is OK. And she recovers pretty quickly. I’m so proud of her.

Stats: 17 lbs., 8 oz. 25.5 inches long.

Past months: 1 month old  •  2 months old  •  3 months old  •  4 months old  •  5 months old

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Tune Time: A Tribute to Is This It


I’m a little late to this party, but I just have to share. Head over to Stereogum to check out a compilation of indie bands’ take on The Strokes’ “Is This It.” I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that album came out. My love affair with this band has been going on for an entire decade. Wow.

So. There is at least one “cover” that makes no sense. But to me, the standouts are Peter Bjorn and John’s “Is This It,” Owen Pallett’s “Hard to Explain” and The Morning Benders’ “Last Nite.”

Design Dialogue: Howkapow Prints




I’ve been browsing the likes of Howkapow lately and falling in love with these prints. The latter three are works of Luzelle van der Westhuizen, a London-based South African designer. I’ve always been a sucker for repetition in design, and these are no exception. The first print is by Katy Binks. If the sheer scale doesn’t draw you in, the awesome color palette should.

Baby Talk

twenty-five weeks old

Dear Alexa,

Twenty-five weeks old. You’ve started singing this week. Daddy is convinced that you are going to be a natural talent. He’s already planning your “American Idol” audition for 2026. You will sing something by The Beatles, who will by then be Really Classic Rock.

You’re really taking to the food now. Mommy feeds you in the morning, and we have quiet, relatively mess-free mealtime. Daddy feeds you in the evening and takes raucous videos of you flinging food around and smearing it all over the place. He might be teaching you some bad table manners. We’ll work on it.

You’re sitting up by yourself easier now. Mommy gets down on the floor and plays with you. Most of the time you sit unassisted, but just in case you forget and fling yourself backward there’s always a pillow to catch you. You stood up, holding onto the ottoman, for all of fifteen seconds before you let go and knocked your chin! Just the first of many such boo-boos, I imagine.

You love to hold books. You grab the pages and yank on them. You stare at the colors. You like paper in general. Mommy always hands you the bills in the hopes that you’ll rip them apart so she won’t have to pay them.

Things you love: Ripping paper, drinking your milk (you are using the “fast” nipples now, yay!), eating (your latest yumyums are green beans and pears), grabbing our hair and yanking with all your might, being held
Things you hate: Standing up when you’re tired, stranger danger (you cry when you see someone new), not being held by Mommy or Daddy


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Like Mother Like Daughter

A few weeks ago my uncle sent me some photos taken when I was a baby, saying I might get a kick out of them. The first thing I thought was, “Oh my god, Alexa and I look like twins!” See for yourself:

Wait, there’s more:

It’s amazing to see resemblance in my child because every time I look at her, I see Alexa. Sometimes I see H, but I never really see myself. Perfect strangers are always commenting that we look alike (even down to our haircut). H says we make a lot of the same facial expressions. But I never really noticed it until I saw these photos.

A side note: Notice my mom’s fingernails? They are real. I KNOW. I did not inherit her talons; mine are always trimmed super short because they are fragile and break easily.

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Steppin’ Out

What I’m wearing:
Dress: Ross, 2008 (I wore this dress in Hawaii three years ago, wow)
Hair clip: Gift from Sara
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless (similar here & here)

What H is wearing:
Pink dress shirt: Hermes, thrifted
Slacks: Thrifted
Shoes: Stacy Adams (similar here)
Watch: Gift from moi

What Alexa’s wearing:
Dress and bloomers: Another gift from the lovely Sara

When H got home Friday night he found his two gals sitting on the floor looking at Dr. Seuss books. He suggested we go out for pizza so we headed out the door immediately to avoid the dinner crowds. I didn’t style my hair or put on any jewelry. It is nice to have go-to dresses for everyday activities because you always look nice if you have to go out in a rush. It’s more out of comfort than vanity, believe it or not. I used to think jeans were super comfortable but now they just annoy me. Must be my mom body.

Anyway, this dress has special meaning to me because I bought it before H and I went to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary. I wore it the night we went on a dinner cruise (also with yellow shoes, only a different pair). At one point during the cruise the “couples celebrating an anniversary” were asked to get on the dance floor. It was us (I wasn’t even 30 at the time) and a bunch of fiftysomethings. The MC had us all state how long we’d been married. Most of the older couples were like, “five years” or “three years.” When it was our turn the other couples did a double take — I could see them doing the math in their heads and looking at our youthful appearance.

We married when I was 19 and H was 20. So yeah.

H usually wears polos to work, but he decided to step it up just for fun. His outfit is almost entirely thrifted. I found that Hermes dress shirt at a Goodwill off Fairfax Avenue. Men’s dress shirts are mostly an untapped resource at thrifts; you can find really nice ones if you just look.

Alexa’s dress/bloomers combo is so adorable. She really prefers to wear these soft cotton dresses now that it’s so warm outside (and in turn inside our apartment). I can’t remember the brand name, and I don’t really care to rummage through the laundry basket right now, but knowing Sara it’s probably a fabulous thrift find. I love how her hair has this feathered look. She looks like she could be joining Charlie’s Angels.

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Wish List 07.22.11

I would love to carry this Dreaming of Marrakesh bag by The New Domestic to the farmers market some beautiful morning and fill it with delights such as strawberries and plums and avocados. Maybe I’d get something to cook up in that tagine while I’m at it.

Photoshoot: Fourth Weekend

I was cleaning off my cameras and cellphone, and I have some random outtakes from our Fourth of July weekend to share. OMG could I be any slower? Don’t answer that.