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10 Dollar Bill

You have a $10 bill burning a hold in your pocket. Why don’t you …

Put this cute turquoise ring from Aldo on the knuckle of your middle finger? That way when some a-hole cuts you off on your commute, you can brighten their day by flashing them this bling.

Photoshoot: 8 Months Old

eight months old

Baby girl turned 8 months old on Sept. 28. Each month on the 28th I plan to take a photoshoot with Miss Alexa and her owl to mark her growth because, as everyone likes to remind me, “they’re only little for a short while.”

She’s still wearing 6-9 month clothing for the most part; we’re in that weird in-between seasons stage, where some days are 90 degrees and others are 60 degrees. This means Alexa has been wearing a lot of leg warmers and pants that are easily removable if it turns out to be a scorcher. Her hair is getting so long I’ve been pulling it back in pigtails or giving her a Pebbles-style ponytail.

Nighttime sleep is great. It’s that pesky 5:45 a.m. wake-up time that we need to work on. Mama needs to rest!

She’s still eating everything we give her. We continue to feed her purees for breakfast and dinner. She’s cut back her milk feedings to four bottles a day. She refuses to drink out of any bottle that is not her normal bottle; she also refuses to drink out of any nipple that is not fast flow. After a brief period of being infatuated with the sippy cup of water, she is once again indifferent. She prefers us to hold her bottle for her.

She’s not into crawling or walking yet. She still likes to bounce in her jumperoo and sit with her toys. She’s been lunging more toward things out of her reach, and she just started clapping her hands. She has been waving hello and goodbye somewhat consistently.

Baby girl is growing more independent. She will play with things for longer stretches of time without losing interest. Her new favorite toys: remote controls, cellphones. Do we have a high-tech baby on our hands?

Alexa is growing so much I can no longer continue this photoshoot on our bed (I can’t fit her in the frame). We’re moving to the floor. I need to find a better, less shadowy location for our photoshoots. She was actually pretty accommodating of my photo session, considering she only likes to be on her back for sleeptime nowadays.

Stats: 19 lbs., 8 oz.

eight months old

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Baby Talk

thirty-three weeks old

Dear Alexa Bexa,

Thirty-three weeks old. Can you say “Mama” again? Wait, I’m not “Dada!” You’re giving me a complex.

Just joking. You’ve been saying “mama dada oogly googly lalalalalala” over and over and louder and louder. You are really talking. A few times I swear you’ve said “Hey” when I say “hi.” You are waving hello and goodbye somewhat consistently.

When we go out and you are in the baby carrier, you will look all around and smile, then look up to me to make sure I see you smile.

When you are home and resisting sleep, you will yell for us to come check on you and give you your binkie. Never mind that you are holding your binkie and can very well put it back in your own mouth. You want Mama or Dada to do it for you. We are starting to call your bluff on the manipulation yelling. Sometimes if we are talking to each other instead of to you, you will talk gradually louder until you’re yelling to get our attention. It is cute. And frustrating. But mostly cute.

You are lunging for things. No crawling yet. No teeth yet. But you want to hold everything and put it in your mouth. You want to eat everything we are eating. French toast = blech. Chicken and rice = yay.

Lately you’ve been doing this old-man chuckle that makes me want to first laugh and then give you the Heimlich. You are trying really hard to delicately pluck an upright wooden block without knocking it over first. You’re thisclose to doing it. I can’t wait to see it.


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Sing-alongs for Kids

A few months ago I posted about how the lyrics of most children’s nursery rhymes are completely depressing. I just thought I’d share what I’ve been singing to Alexa lately.

1) A Bushel and a Peck – By far her favorite song. All I have to do is sing the first three notes and a huge grin spreads across her face. Sometimes she’ll giggle uncontrollable when I get to the “doodle doodle doodle doo” part. (Also, I may or may not make nonsensical sounds after a few minutes, including “scooby dooby dooby doooo.”)

2) Dance Magic – When she’s fussy I whip this one out because it is interactive. There is “dancing” and “jumping,” both of which turn her frown upside down. Disclaimer: I do not toss Alexa around like David Bowie does to the baby in “Labyrinth,” nor do I wear a disturbing codpiece while singing this song.

3) I Want to Hold Your Hand – This is still an old standby. I usually sing it to her as she’s winding down for a nap or bedtime. I sing it slowly and quietly.

4) Good Morning Starshine – I’ve been singing this song to Alexa since she was in the womb. I would wake up in the morning, put my hand on my belly and sing it. Now I sing the first verse every morning when I pick her up from her crib. It’s our morning ritual.

5) My Favorite Things – This was my favorite song when I was a child, mostly because I watched “The Sound of Music” obsessively. We had recorded a holiday airing on commercial TV and I watched it so often that I knew exactly how long to fast-forward the VHS tape during the ad breaks. Anyway, this is an “anytime” song.

What are your favorite songs to sing to kids? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a “traditional” song; in fact, the less traditional, the better. Do share.

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Steppin’ Out

What I’m wearing:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Thrifted (similar here)
Headband: Forever 21 (similar here)
Cardi: Torrid (similar here)

What H is wearing:
T-shirt: Purchased by me in New York, 1995 (practically vintage, OMG)
Jeans: Gap, thrifted

What Alexa’s wearing:
Shirt and leggings: Carters

Earlier this week, I read a post on Liv’s blog about taking time to splurge on herself and it really stuck with me. So when I was running errands at Target, I actually picked up a dress and KEPT it in my cart. Usually I make it about halfway around the store before I start questioning the purchase and turn around to take it back. I still had those thoughts as I was standing next to the deodorant, but I pushed them aside. “No,” I thought. “This time I will spend a little of my hard-earned money on myself.”

I realize I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but it was nice to treat myself.

Plus, the dress is very colorful and comfortable, my two favorite things.

Another story behind our outfits: H’s T-shirt is actually one I bought off the streets of New York when I was 16 years old on a theater trip, back when I thought my future would include the bright lights of a Broadway stage. That was the time I saw my idol, Julie Andrews, on stage in “Victor/Victoria.” I also saw Sarah Jessica Parker in “Once Upon a Mattress.”

Anyway, I’m just amazed the T-shirt has survived all these years. As I recall it was only $5.

This is what we wore out for Thai food and a trip to Best Buy today. I got a little carried away playing keyboards and remembering how to read music. After successfully playing “Jingle Bells,” I was overly cocky, so I tried to play “Imagine.” Alexa enjoyed the racket, though. I think.

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10 Dollar Bill

You have a $10 bill burning a hole in your pocket. Why don’t you …

Take this guy home with you and hang him on your wall? He’s more dapper than that cowardly lion from “Wizard of Oz,” which is why he decided to open his own salon and hair care line called “The Mane Event.” It was years of compliments on his luscious locks that led him down this career path, according to Berkeley Illustration.

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Baby Talk

thirty-two weeks old

Dear Baby Girl,

Thirty-two weeks old.

The weeks are really starting to blur together, and some days I look at you and think you’ve changed overnight. Then I look at photos of your newborn days and compare them with your 7.5-month-old face and hardly recognize you

To put things in perspective, last December I was 32 weeks pregnant with you. We had a baby shower. We decorated onesies, the same ones that are hanging up in your nursery right now. We ate cupcakes. You were in there, kicking, making me smile, but you were still an idea. An idea that I would wonder about. What would you be like to hold? Would your smile melt my heart?

I always imagined that I would fall in love with you deeply and that we would share some wonderful moments.

I didn’t know how much you would make my heart ache with happiness. In fact, I doubt I knew what that even meant before you were born. Usually heartache is associated with pain, with sadness … not love and happiness. But it’s a true ache, this love.

I have fallen in love before. Your daddy gave me butterflies all those years ago when we met. I felt infatuation, exhilaration, completeness with him. I still feel this way with him. I thought that was the only kind of love there was.

But the love a mother feels for her baby is a completely different kind of love. It’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting, it’s proud, it’s nostalgic. It’s all these things at once. One day you’ll know what I mean. Until then, just take my word for it, sugar plum, and know how much I mean it when I tell you “Mommy loves you very much.”


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