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Family Movie Night / Lego Movie & Step Up

Family Movie Night / Lego Movie & Step Up • Little Gold Pixel

We tested out these movies so you don’t have to. Pop some popcorn, curl up with your favorite people, and prepare for a double feature during Family Movie Night.

Family Movie Night: Family First

➾ Lego Movie
When we sat down to watch this film, I was the only one who was skeptical. But from the very beginning I found it delightful, even dare I say deep and dark? Dystopian fans should love this. There are some similarities to Secret of Nimh, but where Secret of Nimh is muted this movie is BRIGHT. And where Nimh is quiet this movie is LOUD. Not that the volume kept H from falling asleep. Honestly, I’m not sure why he fell asleep. Maybe the whirlwind of action was too much for his sensibilities. Alexa was bouncing off the couch by the end, and I was the last and only member of the family still engrossed and engaged by the ending, which has a really cute twist. Even though the rest of the family puttered out, I still recommend The Lego Movie, particularly for older children and less-tired husbands. YAY

Family Movie Night: For the Adults

➾ Step Up
Can you believe that I, a self-professed dance movie queen, had never seen a single movie in the Step Up franchise till recently? A friend actually pointed it out when the film failed to make my list of top dance movies. I was skeptical, perhaps because I’m wary of “street-style” dance movies that try to hard to be edgy, but now I have to eat my words. I’m not sure if the movie would make my top 10, but it was more enjoyable than I was expecting, tired storyline and terrible music and all. Also? Channing Tatum? He can dance. H was even up for watching another Step Up movie, so we are slowly making our way through the series before Step Up All In hits theaters next month. Do I sense a date night? YAY

Do you have a Movie Night recommendation? Have a film you want us to test first before you commit to watching it?

P.S. More ideas for Movie Night.

You Can DIY: Scrap Paper Art for a Rainy Day

This isn’t going to be one of those picture perfect scrap paper art DIY posts you find on Pinterest. I’m OK with that because, as much as I love Pinterest, life isn’t typically Pinterest-y, especially not inside my dark cave of a home with poor natural lighting.

This caveat aside, I wanted to write about this on-the-fly scrap paper art project I created with my daughter to prove that creativity needn’t be reserved for the parent who has a neat craft closet full of supplies.

Alexa recently had some time off school. In an effort to keep her creativity sparked and to keep myself from coloring book boredom, I busted out a few random art supplies and put Alexa to work.

Scrap Paper Art Supplies
  • Scissors
  • 2 pieces of scrap paper, already drawn or colored on
  • Elmer’s glue (or Modpodge)
  • Washable paint
  • Paint brush
  • A strong sense of humor

First, we removed one of the aforementioned coloring book pages and ripped it to shreds. Just joking. We carefully cut it into tiny pieces. This is good practice for a preschooler who is working on cutting with safety scissors.


Next we found another piece of paper. This could be a plain piece of white paper, or perhaps a piece of paper you have already drawn a really creepy-looking Mickey Mouse-type character on. Artist’s choice.

Scrap Paper Art DIY • Little Gold Pixel

Then haphazardly glue on several scrap pieces. The less precise, the better. In fact, I fully encourage you to just draw a mad spiral with the glue, grab a handful of scrap paper, and make it rain.

Scrap Paper Art DIY • Little Gold Pixel

At this point you will have a pile of geometric scrap paper and glue hanging out all over the place. So what’s next? Paint the entire canvas. This is the messiest, happiest, bestest (yes, bestest) part of the entire project. The glue will mix with the paint will mix with the markers or crayons underneath. It will be a rainbow of colors and textures. Your kid will love this part.

You will, too.

Really tap your inner Pollock for this one.

Scrap Paper Art DIY • Little Gold Pixel

When it dries, the texture of the scrap paper comes out, and a cool watercolor effect will emerge. It will almost mayyyybe look like you made this masterpiece on purpose.

Don’t forget to give your art a title.

I call this one Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse:

Scrap Paper Art DIY • Little Gold Pixel

Lastly, if you’re fancy you could frame the scrap paper art and hang it in your grand hall.

Or you could tape it up on the wall above your kid’s play kitchen so she can admire it while she stir-fries eggs, grapes and tofu on the stovetop with a plastic knife.

Scrap Paper Art DIY • Little Gold Pixel


What’s the best-worst piece of art you’ve ever made (past or present)? Do tell in the comments.


I’ve Been Reading: 30/60 Book Reviews for 2014

Book Reviews 2014 • Little Gold Pixel

This is an occasional series that chronicles my quest to read 60 books this year. Book reviews 2014: take three. Let’s see how it went, shall we?

As far as I can tell, there is only one good thing about getting a terrible summer flu/chills/nausea/thing that knocks you off your feet and onto the couch for hours upon hours upon days upon days: Reading. I haven’t done much writing in the past week (this blog is my witness), but boy oh boy have I read.

In fact, for the first time all year, I’m finally on pace to finish 60 books by the end of the year. With any luck, I’ll surpass 60 books.

Perhaps I shouldn’t get ahead of myself just yet.

(The links lead to the full reviews I wrote on Goodreads. Do you follow me there? You should!)

P.S. Book Reviews 2014: Part 1 and Part 2

30/60 Book Reviews 2014 • Little Gold Pixel

Book Reviews 2014: 30/60

The Seven Year Bitch / Jennifer Belle
File under: Chick lit, beach read, mama tale
Plot: Wealthy mom isn’t happy with her life and finds about a bajillion things wrong with her husband.
Review: This is witty nitpicking that would make Seinfeld proud, if you’re into that kind of thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Winter People / Jennifer McMahon
File under: Suspense, fantasy, horror, mystery
Plot: People uncover the secrets behind a century-old ghost story.
Review: This is a hauntingly beautiful tale that will tug on your heartstrings when you ponder loss and exactly how far you’d go to be reunited with the ones you love.

The Color Master / Aimee Bender
File under: Literature, short stories, whimsical
Plot: A collection of short stories that alternates between hyper-realistic and fairytale.
Review: Without gushing too much about the beautiful prose, I highly recommend letting the author take you on journeys that will make you feel all the feels.

All the Summer Girls / Meg Donohue
File under: Chick lit, beach read, meh
Plot: Three estranged friends re-connect for a weekend at a beach house.
Review: The beach house was really the only character worth caring about.

Courtsies & Conspiracies / Gail Carriger
File under: Steampunk, Y.A., fantasy
Plot: Sophronia is up to more hijinks in her second year at spy school.
Review: A delightful second novel in the Finishing School series, albeit one with slightly less wind in its sails than the first.

The Almost Moon / Alice Sebold
File under: Literature, suspense
Plot: Woman loses her mind and kills her elderly, ailing mom, then has to deal with the aftermath.
Review: I couldn’t help but sit on the edge of my seat as I simultaneously rooted for and against the protagonist.

Empire Girls / Suzanne Hayes, Lorette Nyhan
File under: 1920s, chick lit, beach read
Plot: Sisters set out to New York to find their secret half-brother, who has inherited their dead father’s estate.
Review: I liked this predictable country mouse-city mouse romp, but I didn’t love it.

Little Bee / Chris Cleave
File under: Literature, too many atrocities for words
Plot: An Ethiopian girl meets a British couple on the beach, and two years later looks them up after fleeing her country and seeking asylum.
Review: Little Bee’s tragicomedy narration has a Life is Beautiful kind of quality.

The Museum of Intangible Things / Wendy Wunder
File under: Road trip, Y.A., coming of age
Plot: Girl follows her bipolar BFF on a road trip to end all road trips.
Review: This is a fun ride at first, but it soon turns south, with heavy-handed metaphors and situations that require far too much suspension of disbelief.

Don’t Breathe a Word / Jennifer McMahon
File under: Suspense, fantasy, mystery
Plot: A little girl disappears to live with the fairies, and 15 years later she sends word that she’s coming home.
Review: I was biting my nails as the protagonists peeled the layers off this onion, and the end is far more twisted than I ever imagined.

In a Nutshell

Three to read: The Color Master, The Winter People, Don’t Breathe a Word (yes, I’m a big Jennifer McMahon fan after reading these two books)

Three to pass: All the Summer Girls, Empire Girls, The Museum of Intangible Things


So there you have it. Thirty down, 30 to go. Wish me luck! What have you been reading lately? I’m always on the lookout for a good book …


Which Irritating Words Turn You Off?

I had heard good things about The Broken Stars, a story that some described as “like Titanic, but in space.” Hmmm. I like Leo DiCaprio, I like space (just kidding). I’m easily amused, at any rate, so I decided to read it.

I didn’t get very far because the author couldn’t stop droning on and on about people “gazing.” He “gazed” at her, she “gazed” at him, they held each other’s “gaze,” she broke their “gaze.” Repetitive much?

A thesaurus would be a great help in this situation. Still, I think I uncovered something a little deeper: a dislike of the word “gaze.”

I feel similarly about the word “relationship,” no doubt stemming from the time I binge-watched Melrose Place and the entire cast spouted on and on about their “relationships” relentlessly. To this day I can’t stand the word.

And that brings me to “panties,” a word I have all but eliminated in my vocabulary in favor of “underpants.” I’m also phasing out “purse” in favor of “handbag.” I’d rather say “privates” than “vagina.” This paragraph is exposing my inner 95-year-old.

These are the irritating words that get under my skin. These irritating words are my kryptonite.

Just to be clear, it’s not that I dislike the idea of the word “relationship,” just the way it sounds (especially when Jane says it).

To me, “relationship” is the opposite of “cellar door,” which is cited as being one of the most phonetically beautiful phrases in the English language.*

Irritating Words That Make Me Cringe •

*Or so Drew says in Donnie Darko

An overwhelming number of my friends have mentioned hating the word “moist.” In fact, that’s one that comes up a lot. I’ve seen it in discussions online, too, but it doesn’t bother me. “Damp,” however, does. I have the shivers just thinking about it.

Are there any irritating words that make you cringe? What is it about them that is so bothersome to you?

What I Wish I Knew Before Switching to WordPress

What I Wish I Knew Before Switching to WordPress • LITTLEGOLDPIXEL.COM

I’ve been on this self-hosted WordPress site for nearly two months now. If I could go back and do it all again, would I?

Not necessarily.

Bet you thought I’d shout, “OF COURSE I WOULD. It’s awesome, it’s great, it’s everything I thought it would be!”

Only it isn’t.

First things first, I was cautious about the entire move. I pondered it for months, practically a year. I wanted to be in complete control of my site, so I finally decided to make the leap. After that, I thought extra long about changing my blog name — that was a big stickler. It’s tricky to change branding on something you’ve been building for six years. I’m very happy with the change, however slight (from the oh-so-slightly-drab color of Little Gray Pixel to the sparkling color of Little Gold Pixel), but it definitely was not an easy choice to make.

The next step was researching hosting companies. I went with Bluehost, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They have very good customer service. The handful of times I completely broke my site they were able to fix it in a jiffy, all via online chat. No, you did not mis-read that. At one point I couldn’t even access my site, I effed it up so completely.

Then I started playing around with’s interface, and I experienced one of the steepest learning curves of my life. I probably should’ve saved a play-by-play, but at the time I was treading water so rapidly I was scared I’d drown if I stopped.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Switching to WordPress

1. The migration might not work perfectly. I have thousands of posts. I expected the migration of my photos to take a while. It took forever. And then I realized the migration was stuck. And I had to abort. Now 2/3 of my posts do not have images attached. Sorting out my archives is an ongoing, tedious endeavor that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Adding all the photos that didn’t migrate is just one thing. The other is …

What I Wish I Knew Before Switching to WordPress • LITTLEGOLDPIXEL.COM

2. SEO is a bitch. Like I said, I have thousands of posts. And thanks to my SEO plug-in, I now have thousands of posts with bad SEO. This isn’t much of a surprise, considering the Blogger platform never really encouraged or helped with SEO. On the flip side, thinking about SEO and keywords was something I never did before switching to WordPress. Now it adds at least 15 minutes to my posting time because I’m detail-oriented and can’t leave a box unchecked or a keyword unturned.

3. There’s a steep learning curve. There are a lot of things I do not know about websites and coding. I am more than happy to learn, but it is a rabbit hole. One thing always leads to another, and before I know it I am spending five hours trying to repair one broken thing only to end up breaking something completely different. These are hours I could spend writing content.

What I Wish I Knew Before Switching to WordPress • LITTLEGOLDPIXEL.COM

4. Crickets. Where did everybody go? I have hundreds of spam comments, but the level of real engagement — from the longtime readers I’ve grown to know and love — dipped drastically after switching to WordPress. Did everyone hate the change and decide to flip Little Gold Pixel the bird? I wish I knew what happened there.

5. Customization is difficult. So many plug-ins, and most of them are crap. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent testing and chucking plug-ins and widgets that failed to live up to expectations.

6. Plug-ins break your blog. So many times when something went awry on my site, it turned out to be the last widget/plug-in I installed. I would de-activate it, and voila! Site is up and running again.

7. Plug-ins don’t work with every theme. If you’re in love with your theme (and I very much am), you have to come to grips with the fact that it doesn’t support every plug-in you want to use. It just doesn’t.

8. It’s expensive. Domain fees + hosting fees + drain on my time. This blog has become a part-time job in time commitment alone. Not only am I not getting paid, I’m paying someone else! I’m in the negative here. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, but I think we can shorten the definition to “insanity = blogging.”

Do you feel my pain? Anyone recently switch to WordPress? What did you find most difficult?

Gif Me a Break

Funny Gif Posts • Little Gold Pixel

Don’t you love it when you find the perfect Gif to sum up a situation (especially on a Monday morning)?

It’s amazing how a two-second video clip can be a highlight of your day. Because sometimes words just do not do a situation justice. And because sometimes, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

For example …

When Sunday night winds into Monday morning, it’s like:

When you dance with your kid, you think you’re like:

But really you’re like:

Just when you think True Detective isn’t going anywhere (no spoilers, I still have a few episodes left to watch!), you look up and it’s like:

When you try to keep up with preschooler on summer vacation, it’s like:

When your hungry family wants breakfast on grocery-shopping day, it’s like:

When you are talking in a loud room, then all of a sudden the room gets quiet, it’s like:

When you buy a new fan with a remote control, it’s like:

When you are stuck trying to exit a parking garage, and people refuse to acknowledge your little “please let me in” wave, it’s like:

When you realize that VH1 made the nostalgia-laden “I Love the 2000s” despite the fact that 2010 was only four years ago, it’s like:

Click here to check out my past funny Gif posts. (Hilarity awaits.)

That Striped Maxi Skirt Everyone Has

Striped Maxi Skirts + How to Style Them • Little Gold Pixel

So it seems like everyone has a variation of this skirt. It’s a running joke in the office, when you pass by a striped-maxi-skirt-wearing colleague, to make a point of saying, “Nice skirt!” Because, you know, you have one, too. Sometimes you might even be wearing it on the same day, which sounds more dramatic than it is because it’s not the prom and you’re not 17.

In case you missed the memo, here are a few places you can pick up a striped maxi skirt (or dress; I found a few that are awesome). There are some plus-sized options, too.

Striped Maxi Skirts

Striped Maxi Skirts + How to Style Them • Little Gold Pixel

1. Anthro 2. Loft 3. Torrid 4. Calvin Klein: standard plus 5. Old Navy 6. Target (plus)

I picked up my skirt at Target not too long ago and have since thrifted a few others. At first I was a little stumped on how to wear it. I wear maxi dresses like a champ, but maxi skirts were still a bit of a mystery. Any tops that are bulky or long look disproportionate. In the summer, a lightweight tank is probably just the ticket. But if there are reasons you’d like to keep your arms covered (whether it’s to dress professionally or to combat air-conditioning chill or, in my case, to hide my least favorite body part), here are a few ways to layer plus still keep everything proportional and breathable.

Quick tip: Try tucking in a loose tank (haphazardly is fine), even if you don’t love your waistline. Why? The visual of a longer skirt will slim/elongate you. A longer tank that cuts you off in the wrong spot will make you look shorter and top-heavy.

White Tank

Striped Maxi Skirts + How to Style Them • Little Gold Pixel

Tank: Loft; White sweater: Madewell; Yellow cardi: Anthro; Seafoam sweater: Nordstrom (plus)

Black Tank

Striped Maxi Skirts + How to Style Them • Little Gold Pixel

First black tank: Splendid; 2nd black tank: Enza Costa; black cardi: Anne Klein; blue cardi: Chaus; green cardi: Max Studio

Quick tip: Tie a long draped cardigan at the waist to create the right lines.

What about you — do you have this striped maxi skirt? How do you wear it?

Freebie! ‘Frozen’ Art Printables — I Can’t Hold It Back Anymore

Free! Frozen Printables •

Alexa has been out of school this week, which of course means I’ve been subjected to more “Frozen” than usual. The girl knows the words to all the songs, and she acts out many of the passages (much like I used to do with the opening monologue of “Labyrinth”).

Her latest thing is re-enacting the scene in which a young Elsa backs away from her parents and says, “Don’t touch me! I don’t want to hurt you!” It’s only a matter of time before a random Target passerby hears the urgency in her dramatic voice and takes it the wrong way. Oh well, I would definitely rather my daughter have a big imagination than the alternative.

I’m a staunch supporter of “Frozen.” I think it’s one of the better-made Disney musicals in recent memory. I also enjoy the universal themes of love vs. fear, the strong female leads (Anna could be smarter, but nobody’s perfect) and, OK, the music. It’s addictive.

So it was during the last 30 minutes of today’s viewing that I started messing around in Photoshop with a few of the very important messages from the “Frozen” gang, in particular Olaf and Elsa.

I know “Frozen” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (my husband says it’s for girls; whatevs, I’ve heard little boys on the playground getting into a sing-along sesh). But if you or someone you know is into it, here are some free printables. They are 8×10, so they would fit into any standard photo frame. I could see them in a nursery or on your desk at work … maybe not the warm hugs one, but maybe you’re the office hugger, who am I to judge?

Four different fonts for different tastes. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share!

Free ‘Frozen’ Printables

{Click on links to download}

Free! Frozen Printables •
Sketch: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Bemio Italic: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Bemio: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Belta: Hugs | Let It Go

P.S. More freebies!

The fine print: Do not use Little Gold Pixel freebies for commercial projects. Credit when it feels right. In general, play nice. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Why the Technology War Shouldn’t Even Be a Battle

Teen Tech Rules •

Let’s Get Serious is an occasional series in which I ponder serious and/or of-the-moment issues that affect us all. Please submit future topic suggestions here.

I had two childhood rooms. The first was next door to my parents’ room. When I hit junior high and developed a desperate urge for more privacy, I moved to the rec room downstairs, where I promptly went crazy and became a hellion. Just kidding.

Mostly I used my newfound freedom to plaster New Kids on the Block posters on every square inch of the walls, and to commandeer an old black&white TV I found in storage so I could watch very fuzzy episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and MTV videos. I also petitioned adamantly for a phone in my room.

Because, hello! It’s junior high. Finding out who was “going with” whom and making prank phone calls (“Is your refrigerator running? Better go catch it!”) was my life, and I wasn’t about to stand around in the kitchen upstairs saying “Omigod, are you serious!?!” whilst doing crunches on the tile floor. Nor did my parents want to hear that noise. So they didn’t put up much of a fight. They gave me a few basic ground rules. No phone calls after 10. I had to hang up immediately if they needed to make a call. But most of all they gave me freedom to talk in private. Of course it was fake privacy, anyone could pick up the line and eavesdrop, but it felt real, and that’s all that matters.

Today’s kids don’t talk as much out loud. They talk with their fingers. They talk via selfies. They use social media, smartphones and tablets. Their words carry more weight because they’re tangible. And yet they are instantly forgettable. Technology is fleeting like that. And you know what? Good. Good for technology. This is the world we live in now, for better or worse, and it’s crucial that we accept that.

I’ve been reading far too many things lately about Evil Technology and how it’s ruining everything. Parents are up in arms about whether to allow their kids a cellphone. Whether they should sign a contract stipulating exact times and uses for said cellphone. The extensive lists of teen tech rules make even my very responsible adult eyes glaze over.

Look, I realize every generation is skeptical of the communication methods of the next. My parents thought we were out of our minds with the pagers in the mid-’90s. I’m sure the first-generation phone parents wanted to urge their kids to instead write letters to their suitors instead of ringing on the phone.

It’s nice to be nostalgic and all, but it’s so insulting, not to mention annoying, to treat teens like they are incapable of handling something they have been trained to do since before they were in kindergarten. Technology is their language. It’s time to hope that the social skills and manners you taught them will be put to good use, that they will not abuse their newfound freedom. This is sink or swim time. Take off their life jackets; it will do them no good in the real world. Parents are so concerned about their kids getting hurt by social media, but here’s the rub: Kids need to learn how to get along with their peers. Kids simply cannot afford be illiterate about social media.

I’m sure you remember the kids (perhaps you were friends with one) whose parents never let them watch non-PG-rated films. These were the kids who would spend the night at my house and go absolutely ballistic, bingeing on hardcore fare such as “Adventures in Babysitting” and “Dirty Dancing.” These were later the kids who would get rip-roaring drunk at a high school party and end up pregnant.

I realize this is anecdotal evidence, but I believe in my experiences: Loosen your kid’s leash. Give them the freedom to fail. Maybe they will astonish you by succeeding instead.

Rules do not have to be so strict. Use the KISS philosophy, really. A simple “do the right thing” and “because I said so” should suffice for most circumstances. Monitoring the phone use seems to be the biggest concern. But why? Good grief, if I thought my mom was reading my diary when I was 16 … and make no mistake, a cellphone is pretty much a diary now. Well, I shudder at the thought. Of course she COULD HAVE read it, but I doubt that she did. Instead she did this thing. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Wait for it …

She talked to me.

Even when I rolled my eyes, she asked me questions. She was genuinely interested in me. She didn’t need to monitor me. She had eyes in the back of her head for that. And when I made a phone call at midnight, her Mom Ears knew, and my phone was taken away for a few weeks as punishment. You better believe I followed the rules after that.

P.S. Yes, I let my kid watch TV, too.


Photo: Ann-Margret really got pinned in Bye Bye Birdie

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12

This is an update in my Month in the Life series, a monthly photo project for managing my family’s digital files in lieu of printed photos. At the end of the year I will create a yearbook out of my images.

Every time I lose a large amount of images, I say the same thing: NEVER AGAIN. Well, friends, after a certain iOS update gone wrong last week, I should agree to never say never.

The latest photo wipe wasn’t as bad as the incident of May 2012, when I lost all evidence that my mother-in-law ever visited, or June 2008, when we lost nearly all our treasured photos from our 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii (at least the snorkeling adventure made it).

Anyway, I’ve cobbled together as much as possible for the month of June. I’m sure H has more photos on his phone, so I’m comforted a bit by that. Otherwise, if you follow me on Instagram (you totally should!), you will notice a lot of Insta-filler.

Let this be your reminder to back up your images, and back them up often. The only downside to this digital world is how easily deleted it is. The good news is, as H reminded me, we still have our memories.

Here’s what June (kinda) looked like for us:

Monthly Photo Project 2014: 6/12 •
Monthly Photo Project 2014: 6/12 •
Alexa and I had a mother-daughter date, and I realized how fast her personality is taking shape.

Monthly Photo Project 2014: 6/12 •
My colleagues and I had a meeting outside, where I met the most terrifyingly expectant pool of fish. The only other fish I’ve seen that were this frightening were the morbidly obese mutants at a tourist-y outdoor mall in Myrtle Beach that put up pellet stations to keep the mutants fed. (The L.A. fish are more colorful, I will give them that.)

Monthly Photo Project 2014: 6/12 •
As soon as summer hits, the commute home gets longer. Two words: Teleport, please?

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
Tacos every weekend.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
We have a date night for the first time in a year, for our 16th anniversary.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
We hit up the beach a few times.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
And of course I took some palm tree photos. Who do you think I am?!

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
I made green smoothies. Alexa loves them, which is great because I totally sneak all kinds of vegetables in there.

I thought about getting my car washed a few times. It never happened.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
Playing with my self-timer in the lunchroom at work, because I have no shame. Also, it’s a rare day when someone isn’t filming/shooting/whatever in there, so I blend right in. One afternoon Judy Reyes was being interviewed 10 feet from my salad. #hollywood

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
When June started, cherries were $5/lb. By the end of June they were $.99/lb., which means send the ambulance to my house. Because cherry overdose.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
This is how I determine whether it’s a good time to leave work.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
This photo tugs on my heartstrings. She does the cutest thing now. She will come in for a kiss, but then just hold her lips shut and make a kiss sound. She waits for me to join in, and then it’s a match to see who will laugh first. Best kid ever.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
Alexa is enrolled in ballet/tap combo class. I am no expert (unless you count dance movies), but I would say she has a natural talent.

A Month in the Life 2014: 6/12 •
Crunch-tastic salad. Fruit salad. Liquid salad. If only the me who did a 30-day salad challenge a few years ago could have foreseen this crazy future.