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$10 Holiday Gift Guide


This is the first of three holiday gift guides for 2013. See: the $15 gift guide and the $20 gift guide. These are things I’ve bookmarked throughout the year as items that seem like great gifts for people I know and love. They are from a combination of retailers and Etsy sellers, and I am not being paid to link to anyone.

For many Christmases, my dad had a running gag of buying everyone cake mixes in the hopes that maybe, possibly, someday one of us would feel inspired to bake him a cake. At first he started by wrapping them in their normal boxes, but we got wise to the shape and called him out on it before we opened them. Then he started to get sneaky, putting them in huge boxes filled with newspaper and styrofoam peanuts, just to throw us off the scent.

My grandpa also did the Giant Small Gift trick. I grew up watching my grandma and my parents unpack a box within a box within a box. It always got huge laughs. Of course, as a kid, I was like, “What’s so great about a pair of gloves in a huge box?” But as an adult, yeah, I totally get it.

The thought that goes into a gift is way more important than the price tag, so here are a few ideas for men that should please someone you know, and on a budget.

Maybe you have a tech savvy friend, your boyfriend loves the “Home Alone” movies, your brother needs a survival tool for the zombie apocalypse. Or perhaps your guy needs a little manly pampering, or your dad likes bacon everything or your husband loves to put pen to paper. I’ve got you covered.


And here are a few ideas for the women in your life, such as the pal who can’t get enough polka dots, the whimsical roommate who needs a better place to stow her rings, the foodie sister-in-law, the mom who has a helluva green thumb, the teen niece who loves jewelry and the grandma who can appreciate a homemade jam.

GUYS // 1 // Cable organizers // 2 // Merry Christmas shirt // 3 // Survival tool 
// 4 // Rescue kit // 5 // Maple bacon almond butter // 6 // Mini notebook

GIRLS // 1 // Polka dot scarf // 2 // Umbrella ring dish // 3 // Produce bag 
// 4 // Air plants // 5 // Hexagon stacking rings // 6 // Ginger pear butter

Last but not least, I gathered a few items for the kiddos. Granted, I modeled these based on my own childhood tastes and what I think my toddler would like, but I think they’re pretty versatile (if not a little girly). I would even go as far as to say that many an adult (the young at heart) would like these items, as well. Tip: Check out the link for the giraffe plush; there are a range of these little guys, and they are all super lovable. Alexa went crazy for them at an airport kiosk, and she never lets Coconut the monkey out of her sight.

KIDS // 1 // Pippi Longstocking book // 2 //  Giraffe toy  // 3 // Yo Gabba Gabba CD 
// 4 // The Last Unicorn // 5 // The Day the Crayons Quit // 6 // Guitar plush 

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