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$20 Holiday Gift Guide

$20 Gift Guide • Little Gold Pixel

The $20 Holiday Gift Guide is the last of three holiday gift guides for 2013. Previously: the $10 gift guide and the $15 holiday gift guide. These are things I’ve bookmarked throughout the year as items that seem like great gifts for people I know and love. They are from a combination of retailers and Etsy sellers, and I am not being paid to link to anyone.

Growing up, we would arrange homemade cookies (usually lopsided and ugly because we were kids) on a plate and write a note to Santa on Christmas Eve. Then Uncle Terry would take us kids for a ride around town to look at the houses aglow in light. We would sing carols and in general be merry, trying not to talk about what we knew was happening while we weren’t at home for that 30 minutes: Santa Claus was coming! He knows when you’re not home, you know?

Later my brother and I took over the responsibility of taking our younger cousins on a ride to see the lights. Keeping the tradition alive.

It’s funny how that diversion is one of my fondest childhood memories. I looked forward to the drive, to that anticipation, even more than walking in the front door to find out that we just missed Santa, darn it.

Now, in my own home as an adult, Santa comes overnight. He needs more time to put toys together … and stuff.

But I’d like to rekindle our old tradition of going for a Christmas Eve drive to look at the lights. Santa will still come overnight, but the Christmas Eve lights, man. That was magic.

$20 Holiday Gift Guide

$20 Gift Guide • Women and Men • Little Gold Pixel

GUYS // 1 // Superhero cookbook // 2 // Kitchen towel // 3 // Ipad sleeve // 4 // Record cufflinks // 5 // Flask
GIRLS // 1 // Leather bracelet // 2 // She Believed pillow // 3 // Cement planter // 4 // Eiffel Tower bottle opener // 5 // Bath salt // 6 // Tote bag

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