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A Week of Breakfasts

Remember the other day when I took part in unofficial breakfast week by sharing a snapshot of my meal with you? Well, I kept it up! Admittedly as of today I’m ready to embrace my easy tried-and-true cereal and whisper sweet nothings in its ear. It’s not because these other meals weren’t delicious; it’s just that I only have so many pretty plating techniques and I’ve reached my threshold for early-morning kitchen experiments. So here’s to ice cold milk and Honey Nut Cheerios. I heart you.

10.07.09 Breakfast
The first day, again: whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, an orange and a glass of milk

10.08.09 Breakfast
10.08.09 Breakfast #2
Blueberry yogurt with a sprinkle of Fruity Pebbles (yes, that’s a wine glass) and a cup of Chai

10.09.09 Breakfast
10.09.09 Breakfast #2
Breakfast out with Husband at French cafe: cappuccino, mixed greens, avocado omelet, baguette with jam, scalloped potatoes. Just try to finish this plate. It’s impossible.

10.10.09 Breakfast
Homemade nearly burnt (whoops!) pancakes and a glass of milk

10.11.09 Breakfast
Carrot juice with cottage cheese, banana and raspberries

10.12.09 Breakfast
Slice of homemade pumpkin bread with a dollop of Laughing Cow cheese and a steaming mug of apple cider

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