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You Can Never Have Too Many Photos


I tried to take a photo on my iPhone this morning, but it wouldn’t let me. It told me to delete some stuff because apparently 2,000 photos is too many.


This is the second time in eight months that I’ve had to clean off my camera roll, and it always leaves me feeling antsy. I need backups for my backups. There was that time I lost all our Hawaii vacation photos. And then the time last year when I lost most of the photos from my mother-in-law’s visit.

So I dusted off the external hard drive and moved over several thousand photos. Let out a long sigh and relaxed my shoulders.

Oh, but what’s this? A folder from 2011 full of little baby Alexas. And a folder from her first birthday. I’ll just admit it. I spent the past hour looking at old photos and half-baked ideas and illustrations and sniffling.

Check out this rough silhouette of Alexa that I started last December. It needs some cleaning up, but I love that I did this. It reminds me of the shadow drawings from my childhood, in which our silhouette was projected onto a wall and someone traced around them. Anyone else remember those?

This girl is growing so fast. I think she just went through another growth spurt, if the most recent photos are telling the truth. Her legs are getting longer and lankier, her face is thinning out. I will kiss what’s left of her baby cheeks, even though she rarely lets me anymore. She giggles and pushes me away. I will tickle her belly while she still finds it hilarious. I will steal her nose while she stills thinks I’m a magician. And I will take thousands of photos until my my backup-backups need backups.

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