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Frame Game: Chic Gallery Wall for a Bold Urbanite

Chic Gallery Wall for a Bold Urbanite •

Frame Game is an occasional series in which I take readers’ gallery wall requests and find art that fits their personalities. Click here to see past Frame Games.

Today’s wall was inspired by Katie, who is decorating for her bedroom.

In Katie’s words:

I love quotes, cool colors (current color scheme is teal, dark purple, and dark grey with white walls), coffee shops, food adventures, exploration and the outdoors. I live in NYC so prints that reflect NYC without being too obvious (I have a love/hate relationship with the city) are great as well.

I made it my mission to find a New York centerpiece for Katie that wasn’t just your standard B&W print of major landmarks. Not that these aren’t cool, but it sounds like Katie wanted something off the beaten path. So I went back, wayyyyy back, to a vintage architectural airline poster that incorporates shades from her color scheme of dark purple and teal.

After that, the other pieces sort of found themselves. Katie mentioned being a fan of the Hilary Duff film “A Cinderella Story,” so I thought it would be fun to blow up and crop a free wallpaper of dancing feet. Free wallpapers are a good source for personal printouts if the print quality is good. Experiment with print size to make sure it doesn’t look too pixelated large.

I love the quote in the bottom right corner: “What if I fell? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” And the coffee spoons are a fun, sophisticated nod to Katie’s love of coffee shops.

My absolute favorite finds are the geode watercolor pieces. Click through to the main download page to find even MORE colors.

To download these printables, click on the links below to go to the original download pages.

Chic Gallery Wall for a Bold Urbanite •

Look/See Dancing Feet • Stand/Fall

Agate PurpleNew York World’s FairAgate Teal

Coffee SpoonsWhat If I Fell? • Breathe Deep

Interested in being featured on the Frame Game?

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P.S. The frames featured in this post are mockups. Check the individual download pages for details on ideal image size. Want to print something huge but the highest it goes is 8×10? Consider a larger frame with a mat. (Example here.)

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