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MacGyver Would Take Care of This Crap

When H can’t decide what to watch late at night, I inevitably hear the tell-tale keyboard warm up of the theme song, and I know I’m in for another “MacGyver” episode in which Richard Dean Anderson acts majorly annoyed to fix yet another highly improbable situation.

MacGyver’s sour demeanor is such a turnoff for me. He’s always bitching and moaning, taking the reluctant hero thing a tad too far, in my opinion. H is quick to point out that a little cursing under the breath is a small price to pay in return for his particular genius.

“Could you imagine if we had a MacGyver?” he says. “That Check Engine light in your car? Fixed.”

Which got me thinking …

What else could MacGyver fix for us?

  • Garbage disposal on the fritz = Fixed
  • Lunches need packing and all of our tupperware is mismatched = No worries
  • House needs childproofed = Done in a flash
  • Out of groceries = A quick search through our cupboards will yield a miracle solution
  • That pesky “updates” box that pops up on my Macbook = No more!
  • Need better gas mileage on my car = Easy peasy, let’s pop open the hood

The best part is he would only need a few toothpicks, some cellophane and chewing gum to make all of this happen.

What could MacGyver fix in your life?

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