No more staring at empty walls.

You can hang a gallery wall.

Yes, you.

I will not only help you fill those frames, I will help you find your home decor confidence.

I curate the art, mock up the gallery design plus give you my tips and tricks for making your gallery wall uniquely YOU.

This is for you ...

  • ... If you search the Internet for art that speaks to you but never find what you're looking for.
  • ... If hours of scrolling through Pinterest leave you inspired but overwhelmed.
  • ... If the prospect of configuring frames and committing to placement makes you sweat.
  • ... If you are far too busy to take on myriad hours of gallery wall research.

Choose Your Adventure!

Everyone's needs are unique. Which one sounds most like you?


For smaller spaces.

1 wall/configuration

5-10 printable options

4 hours of curation



Most popular.

2 different walls/configurations

10-20 printable options

8 hours of curation


Diana M.Gallery Wall Consultation client

What I got back from Vanessa was phenomenal ... professional, to-scale ... looked like an architect produced it with CAD! She also sent additional/alternative sources to acquire the art for the project. And just so much info that would have taken me a ton of trial and error and research to incorporate. It was a wonderful experience. I grew in knowledge and confidence. And I can wholeheartedly recommend Little Gold Pixel to anyone! Thanks V!

What Happens Next?


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Watch Your Inbox

After consult purchase, I will email you a list of questions to help narrow down your interests, personality and likes/dislikes.


Send Over Info

Provide measurements of the space if you can — it will help me give you more accurate results. Photos of the space are wonderful, too!



You will receive a final package via email within 5-7 days after our initial consultation.