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The Night Your Daddy Hulked Out


Dear Alexa,

Let me tell you a story about how your Daddy became a superhero.

It was a Wednesday night. The rain started on my way home. A few drops on the windshield, and then suddenly the traffic slowed to a halt as everyone fumbled around to start their wipers.

When I walked inside, your Daddy greeted me as usual; we talked about the rain, about how long it took me to get home. Really normal stuff. Nothing unusual. Then he said he was going to take out the trash.

“Oh, and I had to break Alexa’s bed,” he said nonchalantly.

“What?!” I rushed up to your room.

I opened the door, and you jumped up in your crib with a surprised “Mama!” There was a slat missing. As I swept you into my arms, it all was explained.


Your leg got stuck between the slats while you were sleeping. You woke up, screaming, and Daddy ran to your rescue. He tried to dislodge your thigh, but it wasn’t budging. So, in a fit of rage, he transformed into the Hulk and snapped the slat from the crib without a second thought, freeing you instantaneously.

Let me reiterate: He snapped it from its slots like a twig.

When I raised my eyebrows at this show of muscle, his reaction was simple. “My baby was in pain!”

You wouldn’t stop talking about what happened. Of course, we couldn’t understand half of what you were saying, but by the way you kept name-dropping Daddy and pointing at him, it was clear that you were his biggest fan.


P.S. It’s time to take down the rest of those slats, my sweet baby girl, and sleep in your toddler bed. It’s been time for awhile. Are you ready?


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