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Cool Kid’s Guide to Leggings

Alexa has a lot of unworn jeans. Given the choice between leggings and jeans, the girl will pick leggings without hesitation. The times she has been subjected to jeans (that weren’t jeggings) she fidgeted and fussed with them, tugging and flailing with the bulky waistbands, growing frustrated with the lack of stretch in the knee. Honestly, she has me thinking. Why do any of us wear jeans at all? Leggings are far more comfortable.


14 Super Fun Halloween Costumes for Little Boys

There’s a scene in the still-hilarious film “My Blue Heaven” in which the main characters are lamenting their marital situation, stating that their wives both left them in October. “What is it about the month of October?” one asks. “I dunno. The pressure of Halloween? You never know what to go as!”



30 Free Printables to Spruce Up Your Kid’s Room

Last weekend as I was picking up the toys in Alexa’s room, I noticed the prints on her walls. I picked them out when I was pregnant with her. Owls. Owls everywhere. I am crazy about owls because they’re my spirit animal. I’m not sure they are Alexa’s, though. She might pick unicorns or horses or mermaids if given a choice. It’s time for a room makeover for this little girl who has developed her own distinct set of likes and dislikes. *Sniffling back a tear.*

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Kids Remember the Darnedest Things

I wonder how many of the things we do today will be in Alexa’s memory for the long run. Will she remember spinning around in circles and singing Beatles songs when she’s 35?


11 Stylish Halloween Costumes for Girls

Alexa is excited to wear her (store-bought) costume. It has been a carrot dangling in the closet for a month now. She has been batting at it and asking “is it Halloween today?” Meanwhile, I worry that any day now she will change her mind and say she doesn’t want to be Elsa for Halloween. Kids are notoriously fickle like that. I have found some very cute, stylish (mostly homemade) costumes in case of an emergency.


A Month in the Life 2014: 9/12

Summers are strange now that I’m an adult with limited vacation time. I keep thinking that I should take off a giant chunk of time to eat ice pops and splash around in a pool whilst complaining about being soooooo bored, but no dice. Instead I take a weekend here, a few days there to chip away at my summer bucket list.



10 Awesome Halloween Videos to Watch With Your Kids

The way I was grinning at my iPhone piqued her curiosity, so much so that she hopped out the bathtub just to see what all the fuss was about. I was watching that oh-so-nostalgic cartoon, The Skeleton Dance. For a second I wondered whether she would be spooked by skeletons dancing, but as it turns out, 3½-year-olds think skeletons are absolutely hilarious.


Everyone is Pregnant Right Now

I’ve seen the exhaustion in the eyes of parents of two. It’s familiar. When Alexa was a newborn, I lived this exhaustion. If I were a medicine warning, I would’ve been “do not operate heavy machinery.” Parents of two are so much worse off. They are “do not operate a toothbrush.” Because it’s quite possible they could fall asleep and choke themselves with the bristles.