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December 2010


The It List

Five things I’m lovin’ right now …
Globes made with vintage maps by Elizabeth St.

Black Swan. Don’t you just love psychotic ballerina movies?

Great prints of our celestial friends.

The best Beatles art ever. I’m so sad I missed out on the 500-edition run.

Design Sponge‘s clever calendar journal. I’ve been slipping on my daily blogging duties lately, but even I could keep up with this simple one-line-per-day diary.

Fashion Forward: Winter Wardrobe


Leaving your cellphone in the back of a cab has its perks. Sure, I lost my entire address book and still haven’t regained all the contacts. Sure, I lost precious notes I wrote about my next novel and even more Craptastic Cellphone Photos I had yet to upload to the computer. But I gained something in return: a smart phone.

I’ve been downloading free apps like crazy to my new Samsung Galaxy. I have an app for Bejeweled. ADDICTIVE. I have an app for creating a grocery list. There’s even an app for timing contractions (when the time comes). H showed me an app yesterday that may just be my new favorite.

It’s a winter screensaver, with little snowflakes falling and trees swaying to and fro. It looks so freaking lifelike it’s like one of those animated photographs in “Harry Potter.” So naturally because I have no chance of witnessing snow this holiday season, I imagine what I would wear if I were to import myself into the screensaver. Or, better yet, if I were to plant myself in the lovely Snow is in the Air screenprint series created by Red Bird Ink (above).
Dress: Ruche
Cardigan: Ruche
Scarf: Ruche
Leggings: Ruche
Eyeshadow: Modcloth
Shoes: Ruche
Necklace: Anthro

I am aware that I am not imagining a coat. This is a fantasy, and in my fantasy it is not that cold in the snow.

$25 or Less: Stocking Stuffers

Babies are expensive. So are car repairs and dental work and other unforeseen expenses we’ve been hit with in the past few months. But if I were actually doing any Christmas shopping this year, it would be hard for me to resist the charms of these stocking stuffers, all less than $25.

In-the-Atmosphere Necklace – $9.99
Camera magnet set – $15.99
Thief & Bandit cuff – $22

Bird Mafia stuffie – $12
Letter Happy print – $10
Boutique ID owl gadget case – $22

Grocery bag – $16.99
The Purr-fect Place in Tipi – $24.99
Something’s Hiding in Here yo-yo – $10

7 Best Christmas Confections

I’ve been saving up recipes for the day when I bake up a storm and send the resulting army of cookies to friends and family who live far away. This day will likely end with me collapsing, giggling my way from a sugar high into a sugar coma.

Edit/2013: Since I first posted this, I have made each and every one of these cookies, all with great results. Not to toot my own horn too much, but the chocolate chip cookie bars are a family tradition and good ANY TIME of the year.

Of all the cookies I hadn’t made when I first posted this, the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies were the most surprisingly delicious. The cookies were the slightest bit crinkly on the outside, giving way to the softest, most delectable center. I could go into so much more description, but I’m not sure your browser could handle the food porn descriptions, so I’ll refrain.

The ultimate test for me is whether a treat can hold up via mail or through an airplane ride, even squeezed into an overstuffed carry-on (not that I would know anything about this, ahem). These all get the thumbs-up from me on both counts.

Bars are a little more durable than cookies, of course, so make your cookies small or thick or both. And it never hurts to wrap each cookie pretty snugly in parchment paper.

Without further ado, here are seven Christmas confections that have passed my test for holiday best.

7 Best Christmas Confections

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies via Little Brown Pen

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons via Brown Eyed Baker

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Ultimate Ginger Cookies via Brown Eyed Baker

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Buckeyes by Smitten Kitchen

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies via Smitten Kitchen

7 Best Christmas Confections •

The Best Cookies Ever via me

7 Best Christmas Confections •

Chocolate Peppermint Bar Cookies via Serious Eats

What are your favorite holiday cookies? Am I missing any that I should definitely make?

Photoshoot: Baby Shower

It's a Girl
Super Salad
Fruit Salsa
Coconut Cupcake
Cupcake Heaven
All the Trimmings
Owl Onesie
Decorating Onesies
Giving a Hoot

A few hours of fun chatting with the girls (all the estrogen spurred the guys to take off), two cupcakes and mountains of onesies and fun baby gifts later — let me tell you, it was a gorgeous shower Sara threw for me. She coordinated with the colors of the nursery: lavender, green and brown. The word scramble game stumped us all. “Nursery rhyme” is more difficult to unscramble than you might think. We decorated onesies with bling, markers and felt. I braved creating an owl. Isn’t she cute? A little lopsided, with crazy-looking eyes, but cute. And I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to take off with that stump wing. But still. Cute.