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Photoshoot: The Lost Month

Lost Month 1
Lost Month 5
Lost Month 4
Lost Month 3
Lost Month 2

I uploaded photos from my camera today. It was probably the smallest amount of images I’ve transferred to a computer since the advent of digital cameras. Anyway, it was a definite “lost month” in my photography career, for sure. There’s not much even worth looking at. A few doodles, a snapshot from our hotel stay last month during the Bathroom Construction of 2010, a transition photo of the once-library and soon-to-be-nursery, a huge box of baby goodies my family sent us (thankyouomgyouarethebest). But we did so much more over the course of this month. I really ought to be better about documenting our lives. In fact, a vow: I will be better about documenting our lives. Tomorrow.

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