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Let’s go window shopping.

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I’d like to set fire to most of the clothes in my closet. But I have this problem. This I-can’t-seem-to-buy-anything-for-myself problem.

Luckily I broke my self-spending ban last weekend during a shopping trip with Sara, who with her thrifting prowess managed to find me items to try on that were 70% off in addition to the already marked sales prices. I’m pretty much in awe of her skills. She got used to me saying, “Hmm, I can’t justify buying this.” Finally, I worked up to, “I can justify this.”

New reality shopping show for the tightwads of the world: “Justify This”

Yay, nay? I’m picturing this on Lifetime or Bravo, maybe TLC. Are you out there, programming execs? Give me a ring. Let’s do lunch.

Anyway, I happened to hop over to Asos today, and I could justify buying everything pictured above.

1. The oxblood skinny jeans are pretty suh-weet and fulfill my need for more jeans.
2. The tie-dye dress is pretty much amazing. It has the perfect sleeve length. I could see it at the beach or with leggings.
3. The dipped hemline trend intrigues me. Especially in this color.
4. I need a cute basic T-shirt with a normal sleeve length. Cap sleeves = not my friend.
5. Always in search of swing tanks, and this one is just my style.
6. The perfect weekend lounge tee.

What would you buy for yourself to make your closet more complete?

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