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Family Movie Night / Tinker Bell & Mr. Nobody

Family Movie Night / Tinker Bell & Mr. Nobody • ©

We tested out these movies so you don’t have to. Pop some popcorn, curl up with your favorite people, and prepare for a double feature.

Family first

Secret of the Wings
Gotta say, I was never a big Tinker Bell fan growing up. She always seemed like such a pest in the Peter Pan stories, a jealous little thing who had nothing nice to say. Disney’s new Fairies series is turning me around, though, and I find that these quick little movies (1:15) are just the perfect length for small children and reluctant adults (H even admits that the Fairies movies are easy to sit through). In this particular movie, summer fairy Tink finds out that she has a twin sister who is a frost fairy, and they have to figure out how to reconcile their hot/cold environments so they can spend time together.

For the adults

Mr. Nobody
The tagline is “Nothing is real, everything is possible.” Put on your thinking caps, folks. You’re in for an existential ride. It twists, it turns, it teases, it baffles, it never gives a clear answer. But do not panic. You have beautiful eye candy along the way, and I’m not just talking about Jared Leto et al. The cinematography is fantastic; Wes Anderson fans should enjoy. Also, you will have fodder for interesting conversation with your significant other for days to come. Who knows, you may even be inspired to re-read “Slaughterhouse-Five” for similarities. I am now smarter for having watched this film (and I’m not able to say that very often). YAY

Do you have a Movie Night recommendation? Have a film you want us to test first before you commit to watching it?

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