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Sick Day Essentials


I know a thing or two about being sick lately. Here are the things that have recently helped me fight a pretty nasty cold.

1. Vitamin C, be it in pill or clementine form.
2. Lemon tea with honey. Water. Anything to stay hydrated.
3. Cough drops.
4. “The Help.”
5. A few good books on Kindle. (“Darkfever” and “Super Sad True Love Story”)
6. A slew of tissue within arm’s reach.
7. Sleep.
8. More sleep.
9. Even more sleep.
10. Did I mention sleep?

Anything I should add to my list?

Oh, and Happy New Year. As you’re reading this we’re back home visiting family and friends. I have a week’s worth of fun posts set up for the first week of January. They’re all devoted to my favorite band: The Beatles. Come check them out daily; they’re going to be a blast!

Christmas 2011

Bits and pieces from our Christmas celebration …

Cat guards the food at Shawn and Sara’s on Christmas Eve.

Golden child.

Pretty packages.

Book for baby.

“Here, let me get this started for you.”

Yule log in HD. It really does makes you feel warm. Ah, the power of suggestion.

Christmas morning. Mini doughnuts for breakfast.

Mama and her angel.

Sorry, H, wearing your Lakers shirt didn’t help them win that game.

“Even more for me?!”

Photoshoot: 11 Months Old

eleven months old

Baby girl turned 11 months old on Dec. 28. Each month on the 28th I plan to take a photoshoot with Miss Alexa and her owl to mark her growth because, as everyone likes to remind me, “they’re only little for a short while.”

Alexa’s transitioning out of 9-month clothing and into 12-month threads. She’s completely out of the 6-month stuff; I found out the hard way the other day when I tried to put her in a onesie that refused to stay snapped. Her little squishy legs are shaping up into little girl’s legs. Where is my baby going?

Baby girl has been having some troubles sleeping. I mostly attribute them to catching a slew of colds this month. We’ve been elevating her crib on one side, but she wakes up often when she can’t breathe through her nose. Other times it’s because she wants her binkie. And on some nights it’s because her body’s so active she simply can’t sleep. I’ve caught her sleep crawling or sitting a few times.

She is still toothless! At this point I think I might cry when she breaks that first tooth. I’ll miss her gummy smile.

She hates the sippy cup. I put milk in it once so she’d know she could drink something besides water from it, and she would rather starve than drink from the thing. So we still have bottles. We’re going to attempt a straw cup this month to see if that suits her better.

This month she celebrated her first Christmas, and she was spoiled rotten. She had a blast playing with all of her toys, but mostly she just enjoyed crawling around on top of the wrapping paper and playing with the boxes and ribbons.

On Christmas Day she broke out of her self-imposed 5-foot radius and started crawling EVERYWHERE. Now she can crawl from her bedroom to the kitchen in 20 seconds flat. H caught her chasing the cat the other day. Anything knee-high is game for helping her stand. She will crawl to it, pull herself up and stand there. If something interests her on the ground, she will hold on with one hand and bend over to reach it with the other. She looks like a little ballerina doing a plie.

She knows where her toys live, and she will crawl to them immediately and start rummaging through the basket until she finds what she’s looking for. Usually the guitar or piano. She’s musical, this one.

Alexa is wearing some regular play clothes in these photos. I think the dress is thrifted Hanna Andersson. We were all set to leave for the day when I realized it was the 28th (already). I’m glad we only have one of these little lying-down photoshoots left because this is what she’s doing every few shots:

(It’s a miracle I got the top shot at all.)

1 month  •  2 months  •  3 months  •  4 months
  •  5 months  •  6 months  •  7 months  •  8 months
9 months •  10 months

Steppin’ Out

What I’m wearing:
Dress: Old Navy clearance, March

What H is wearing:
Lacoste button-down: Thrifted
Red belt: Gifted
Watch: Christmas gift from years past

What Alexa’s wearing:
Gold dress, headband, shoes: Janie + Jack, gift from Sara
Black tights: Target

This is what we wore over to our Christmas Eve get-together with friends. It was a beautiful afternoon and evening in Los Angeles. The sun was out, the air was warm. I brought pumpkin soup and grasshopper brownies. Sara made turkey, stuffing and fruit salsa. Our friends spoiled us rotten with gifts and love.

Alexa woke up feeling pretty down from a cold. Amazingly she was fine with me primping her and putting shoes on her feet (the horror!). The majority of the day she was pretty low-key and clingy. Every time I left the room for a minute she started to cry. And her Daddy was there, saying, “What am I, chopped liver?” It’s not that I like her being sick, but the cuddles. Oh boy, it’s nice to be able to cuddle this active baby. She fell asleep in my arms as we talked about movies and current events. Finally I was able to smuggle her into the other room so she could sleep in her pack and play while the adults watched “The Descendants.”

We always miss our extended family at Christmastime, but Sara and Shawn — these are friends who have become family, and that’s pretty darn awesome if you ask me.


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30. Pick out a special ornament for Alexa’s first Christmas.

Crossing another item off my birthday list

“Which one should we get for her?” H asked.
“Let’s let her decide,” I said.
We dangled a few options in front of our 10-month-old baby, and she looked at us with a question in her eyes.
“Which one do you like?” I prompted her.
“Pick one,” H said.
And, without hesitation, she grabbed the owl.

Her choice isn’t much of a shock, considering it’s the animal she’s seen the most this year (with the exception of our live kitty cat). Her room is decorated with owls. She has plush owls. Of course, I was pleased because I love owls, hence all the owl decoration.

This is one of the first Christmas traditions we’ve started with Alexa. Each year she will pick out an ornament to add to our tree. Then, when she starts her own family, we will give them to her.

Steppin’ Out

What I’m wearing:
Sweater dress: Ross (2010)
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Thrifted Minnetonkas
Necklace: Anthropologie clearance (2 years ago)

What H is wearing:
Polo: Le Tigre

What Alexa’s wearing:
Dress: Koala Baby, clearance
Tights: Trumpette, thrifted

This is what we wore out yesterday to run a few errands after I got my hair cut. Can you tell? I kept a lot of the length I had been growing out in the front, but I insisted on my short, choppy style for the back and bangs so I could achieve that full-on wannabe rocker look I have been rocking for the past few years. It’s hard to let go. I’ll probably still be cutting my hair like this when I’m 80. Don’t judge.

I have fun stories to tell you about my outfit! I bought this dress for my baby shower last year. It’s not maternity, but it’s sweater material and stretchy, so I thought, “Why not?” I think it was cuter when I had a big pregnant belly than it is now that I just have a big fat belly, but it’s still cozy, so I will continue to wear it. I was drawn to it because it looks pixelated (ha! Little Gray Pixel!).

My necklace came from clearance at Anthro, marked down to $9.95 (I’ve purchased most of my necklaces from Anthro this way).

But, the things I’m most excited about are the shoes. I came across a pair on Etsy that I really liked a few weeks ago (see Pin here). Then, TWO DAYS LATER, I found a similar pair at the thrift store. $7.99. It was meant to be.

Alexa is wearing a red dress I picked up at Babies R Us on the clearance rack. It was originally $30, cut down to $15, plus an extra 50% off. $7.50 dress. It is the most fabulous slinky fabric. I love Koala Baby stuff. It’s all very comfy. The same day I found my Minnetonkas, I found Alexa these Trumpette tights, still in the box, for $3.

Some good thrifting juju if you ask me.


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