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33 Projects: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowlakes DIY

Exhibit A.

I have really got to figure out how to take better photos in this low-light condo. Or maybe I should just stop living in places that have bad light. I need this to be my living room. Floor-to-ceiling windows, baby, yeah.

This is all to say that my project turned out way cuter than this one photo would have you believe.

Coffee filter snowflakes are not exactly a novel idea. But for those of us who inexplicably have no pieces of plain white paper in our craft stash (how is this even POSSIBLE?), being reminded that our pantry holds the key to easy snowflakes lifts coffee filters to genius level.

I made several dozen during one episode of “MacGyver.” This was the episode in which MacGyver uses a coat rack as a crutch and a cart for a wheelchair, so you know I was distracted.

Pros: So easy to cut through the thin filters.

Cons: They can become limp and collapse into themselves. (See Exhibit A.)

Fifteen projects down, 18 to go.

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