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33 Projects: DIY Pine Cone Garland

Pinecone Garland DIY

This project was so simple I don’t really have a story for it. I wasn’t really even inspired by anyone online (it’s a Christmas miracle!). The project happened because I was defenseless against the alluring odor of cinnamon pine cones and somehow they ended up in my home.

I already have a hurricane glass full of from-the-ground, non-fancy-smelling pine cones on my dining table, so I had to think of a place for my new delicious-smelling friends. There just so happens to be a rail in the staircase perfect for the draping. Just like that, an idea is born!

Pinecone Garland DIY

Enter the tools: pine cones, baking twine, scissors.


Pinecone Garland DIY

In hindsight there is an easier way than just measuring out an absurdly long piece of twine and painstakingly tying each pine cone the same distance apart. Certainly there would be a lot less tangling and mental cursing involved.

This 10-minute project turned into 30 minutes because of my shortsightedness. But I persevered, and distracted Alexa from my shenanigans with unscented pine cones to sort.

Pinecone Garland DIY

Pinecone Garland DIY

These pine cones may look innocent, but they are about to engage in a twisted, naughty dance.

After they’ve been untangled:

Pinecone Garland DIY

I would suggest cutting out several pieces of twine the same size, tying each end to a different cone and calling it a day. It would call for double the knots, but trust me. Worth it.

The garland has been hanging in my stairwell for the past three weeks, and it’s still looking good (sorry, no pics, the lighting in here is just terrible). Be aware that the cinnamon scent will dissipate, unfortunately. Still, I think I’ll keep this simple little decoration for Christmases future; I like it that much.

Fourteen projects down, 19 to go.

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