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Brilliant Move: Frame Your Cameras


Just an hour from closing, the flea market was a virtual ground zero of junk, apparently exploded from the ground up. I half-expected to see a severed limb or two on a blanket along with the myriad hammers and hoes that littered the landscape. But instead, there it was, the latest in my collection of wayward cameras. “Hello, friend,” I said to the mid-1970s SX-70 Polaroid land camera. I fiddled with its accordion structure, finally deeming it fit for Medevac to our place.

It now occupies a space on the shelf next to my Argus Seventy-five and 1980s-era Polaroid camera. The shelf is getting a little crowded, so I may have to attempt a new way to display my treasures, perhaps something along the lines of this idea via Apartment Therapy (thanks, Kristi!):


Photographer Tim Melideo affixed these bad boys with velcro and some fishing line. I love the look of this, perhaps with the framed areas painted a vibrant hue for an extra punch. (Check out Tim’s engagement photos while you’re at it; they’re sublime.)

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