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Voila! Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

Several years ago (before we had a child, so it might as well have been another lifetime ago), we used to have pumpkin-carving parties with our friends. We would drink seasonal beer and wield large knives, and ultimately butcher a few pumpkins beyond recognition.

Halloween with a kid is much tamer. But also fun.

For instance, last night I arrived home wearing a witch hat, and I’ve never seen such excitement. Alexa jumped up and down, saying, “Mama, you’re wearing a spooky hat!”

Adults don’t go crazy over a pointy hat. They just say, “Oh. You’re doing the easy costume again this year, I see.” I’m nothing if not predictable when it comes to choosing my own costume, despite the fact that I pick out the cutest stuff for boys, girls and even adults.

Now that Alexa’s interested in all things Halloween, I plan to gather a bunch of pumpkins, some craft supplies, and let her go to town on them.

While I sit back and drink a beer. Just kidding. I’ll help make the pumpkins, too.

While I drink a beer.

Hey, you have to hold onto some of those Halloween traditions!

I’ve been searching for some good no-carve ideas, and I’ve finally figured out that there are 14 good ideas for getting the job done. As always, follow the links to get full instructions from the source.

14 Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins

There’s something really exciting about letting loose with a Sharpie, don’t you think? Word to the wise: Trace with a pencil first.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1) Lauren Conrad • (2) Instructables • (3) Curbly

I was surprised to find that there are a few different ways to do this. Spraypaint over a stencil … or create lettering via washi tape, paint over and peel off.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1) Minted • (2) Real Simple • (3) Instructables • (4,5) A Beautiful Mess • (6) Lauren Conrad

Not gonna lie. I love gold most of all. There are few different methods to achieve this look, too. Spraypaint, art paint, gold leaf.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1) All You • (2) Real Simple • (3) Real Simple • (4) Lauren Conrad

This is so fun. You can grab anything, some glue, and see whether it sticks. I know for a fact my preschooler does this in class with almost every art project. “Put a button on it!”

Anything can be a chalkboard! The best part is … if you are using a fake pumpkin, it could be recycled into a Thanksgiving chalkboard menu.

I normally do not go for the shabby chic or distressed look, but for some reason I’m drawn to these slightly damaged-looking pumpkins. They can be a really elegant touch, if you don’t care for cheesy or over-the-top Halloween decor.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1) All You • (2) Simply Grove • (3) • (4) Merrick’s Art • (5) Bubby and Bean • (6) Happy Mundane

Graphic elements make me happy, and they look very modern with minimal effort.

I could see myself getting very meticulous about making perfect little dots and patterns.

I’m especially impressed by the “web.” Such an easy-peasy idea.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1) Lauren Conrad • (2) Nest of Posies • (3) Poppy Talk

One loud, proud color per pumpkin.

You literally can’t mess this up, especially if you use washi tape.

Easy Halloween No-Carve Pumpkins • Little Gold Pixel

(1, 2) Brit + Co  • (3) Young House Love • (4) Lauren Conrad • (5) Homey Oh My • (6) Poppytalk

Before I knew about Modpodge, I would have been reluctant to decoupage. But now I know how easy it is, so let there be decoupage! Seriously considering buying some fake leaves for this project. There are no leaves on the ground here in SoCal. Boo!

I speak from experience when I say that you will be pleased with the end result if you make a glitter pumpkin.

These could be as easy as sticking tacks in your pumpkin, or as hard as glueing on studs. Either way, super easy.

What about you? How are you decorating your pumpkins this year? I’m curious — do you have any traditions? Did your Halloween rituals change after having kids (if you have kids)? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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