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Fashion Forward: Dip Dying

I might be the only person I know who hasn’t dipped an item into paint or dye or bleach lately. From the looks of the Internet, I should probably get on top of that so they don’t revoke my Cool Kid Card. I mean, my own kid is way cooler than me. She has a dip-dyed dress.

I actually have a hankering to tie-dye a T-shirt like I did in Girl Scouts in the 1980s. I want it to be just as heinous and garish and ridiculous-looking, too. I envision it being a righteous nightshirt, so you don’t have to worry that I’ll suddenly start dressing like a Deadhead, Birkenstocks and all. Although I have to admit that these are pretty damn cute.

Here are a few goodies I think are pretty neat:
Dip Dying Spoons • Little Gold Pixel

Dip Dying Bowls • Little Gold Pixel

Dip Dying Planters • Little Gold Pixel

Dip Dying Necklaces • Little Gold Pixel

Dip Dying Earrings • Little Gold Pixel

Dip Dying Shorts • Little Gold Pixel

What do you think? Are you into dip dying?

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