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Five Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

I don’t like to talk about a lot of negative things on this blog. After all, the point is to inspire, not to be a downer. That being said, however, there are days when bad outweighs good, when work is suffocating, when nothing seems just or right, when the world asks more of you than you have to give. On days like this nothing tickles my fancy, not even the cutest shoes or wittiest design! What to do on days like this?

I know that exercising releases endorphins and shopping can really lift your spirits, but sometimes I don’t feel very energetic or, worse, my bank account is depleted. That’s when I turn to my top five tried-and-true lazy, free pick-me-ups.

1. Listen to music. When I’m somber I’m partial to jazz. Nina Simone or Sarah Vaughan. Maybe some showtunes. Or “Let It Be.”

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2. Curl up and sulk a little. Fetal position is the best.

image via katherine

3. Pet a cat, or a dog, or another fluffy and cute animal.

image via welcome, ghosts

4. Watch your favorite movie. Mine’s “Wonder Boys.” Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. Yesss.

5. Make plans. Something to look forward to. The further you get to travel, the better.

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How do you like to cheer yourselves up, friends?

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