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Highly Subjective List of My Favorite Beatles Songs

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There are some songs that are quintessential Beatles songs. “Eight Days a Week.” “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” These are songs that were written eye-to-eye by Lennon and McCartney and in which both sing. Then there are the songs they wrote mostly alone. True, every Beatles song is credited Lennon-McCartney, but a seasoned fan can tell the difference between a John song and a Paul song.

For the best Beatles songs written by John and Paul, I will pick 10 of each here. It’s admittedly a highly subjective list. I had to whittle. I’m sure if I had to compile this list again in six months I might choose differently. So, as of this very day, here’s the toppermost of the poppermost:

Top 10 songs primarily written by John Lennon

  1. Across the Universe
  2. Strawberry Fields Forever
  3. All You Need Is Love
  4. Because
  5. Come Together
  6. Day Tripper
  7. Girl
  8. I Should Have Known Better
  9. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
  10. Tomorrow Never Knows

Top 10 songs primarily written by Paul McCartney

  1. Helter Skelter
  2. Blackbird
  3. Yesterday
  4. Eleanor Rigby
  5. Get Back
  6. Got to Get You Into My Life
  7. I’m Looking Through You
  8. I’ve Just Seen a Face
  9. Let It Be
  10. Oh! Darling

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