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These 5 Colors Are So Hot Right Now

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I’m testing the water today on what could be a monthly feature on Little Gold Pixel: Color Crush.

Last week I wrote about the trendy Millennial Pink and got a good deal of feedback, so I thought it might be worth creating a new color palette for you, once a month. If you’re a designer, you could find fresh color perspective on a project. If you’re a shopper, you might find yourself noticing color trends when you’re at your favorite store.

Either way, it’s eye candy.

5 Trendy Colors for May

I hope you enjoy today’s colors: neon citrus, coral, melon, midnight blue and noir.

(Yes, I’m totally allowing myself to get fancy with the color names. Because why not.)

5 Trendy Colors • May 2017 • Little Gold Pixel

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I’ve started seeing pops of neon citrus here and there, mostly as the antidote to Millennial Pink (go figure).

It’s worth mentioning that the Little Gold Pixel brand identity includes a very similar hue, but I have been using it sparingly because it is in fact a very bright color that has the potential to get old really easily. I don’t want to wear it out.


The neon citrus color rides that fine line between lemon and lime, what you might be tempted to call chartreuse.

Speaking of citrus, let’s add that melon (plus the coral, midnight blue and black accents).

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5 Trendy Colors • May 2017 • Little Gold Pixel

To Buy: Anthro

But, quickly, back to the neon citrus. Let it have its moment.

5 Trendy Colors • May 2017 • Little Gold Pixel

To Buy: Aviators

So refreshing right now, right? I think this color palette makes that easy transition from spring to summer that makes you want to spend an entire day at the beach, starting with the citrus tones during the day, and ending with the darker tones roasting marshmallows in a beach fire.

What do you think of these colors? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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