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May the Fourth be With You: Star Wars Free Printables

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Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

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Did you know that school kids celebrate May the Fourth now? As in, dressing up and wearing Star Wars gear, and I assume playing make-believe lightsaber games on the playground?

Have I just been living on the Death Star or has this been a thing for a while now?

I tried to find a decent Princess Leia T-shirt for my daughter that would get here in 1 Prime shipping day (ha!) and what I found was abysmal.

It made me wonder whether there were any good Star Wars free printables out there. I know there is a lot of great fan art on Etsy and Society6, which is awesome if you have more than one shipping day before May the Fourth, but free? Maybe it would be like landing in the middle of the desert on Tatooine.

Color me pleasantly surprised to find more than a handful of options.

Granted, many of these were converted from SVG files and/or were meant to be used as vinyl cutouts and valentines ad coloring pages, but they would still look cool printed out and framed.

Keep scrolling down to find my contribution to The Resistance, one of my favorite Hans Solo quotes!

*Also, if you like that hilarious lego Star Wars photo above, you can find it and more by searching “Star Wars” on Pixabay. Enjoy!

May the Fourth be With You: 26 Star Wars Free Printables

Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Stars Wars Free Printables

Art is a high-res 8.5×11-inch PDF. For personal use only. Please play nice.

Tools used: Photoshop, Bebas Neue

Because I can’t resist a Hans Solo quote.
Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

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Star Wars Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

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    May 3, 2017 at 3:42 am

    Cool list and printable. Thanks for including my Planets of Star Wars sign.

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