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Barefoot in the Kitchen*

So I have a list of “needs” for the kitchen: a wok, a new set of knives, a cast iron skillet, tupperware for little one’s lunches (this is a different post altogether).

And yet I continue to be distracted by pretty kitchen tools. There’s some sort of perverse nesting going on here, and I’m not sure why. I despise everything about my current kitchen. I can’t wait until we find a new place, where it is a requirement that the kitchen sink be stainless steel. Enough with this porcelain crap. I suppose that’s it — I’m in pre-emptive nesting mode for our NEW kitchen. The one we do not have yet.

Here are a few things I’d like to put inside this hypothetical kitchen, which also will boast a working dishwasher and a freezer that keeps ice cream frozen. Ahhh, a girl has her dreams.

*Not pregnant for the time being.


Pretty Kitchen Tools • Little Gold Pixel


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