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7 Modern Ways to Decorate with Gold


Do you guys even know how much I love gold? The first hint: It’s in the name.

That’s why when I got the chance to write a decor guide for eBay, I automatically thought about sharing my tips for decorating a modern-meets-midcentury space, one in which gold accents are at home year-round.

(Yes, year-round. Not just for the holidays, although gold for the holidays is ALWAYS fab. So get that tinsel out. I for one have some gold bottlebrush trees that I’ll never ever retire.)

Gold is having a renaissance of sorts right now. It’s very trendy, which can be scary because trends are so fickle. I remember the time I bought (and WORE) white stirrup pants in junior high. Remember 1990s stirrup pants? I don’t blame you if you say no. I’d like to wipe my mind of that short-lived fashion trend, too.

Never fear. Gold decor isn’t going to be passé anytime soon.

And I especially believe that following the tips in my eBay guide 7 Modern Ways to Decorate with Gold will push you away from trendy and toward classic and eclectic. I mix up Hollywood Regency, midcentury modern and contemporary — they all combine for some pretty rad looks.

Channeling my fave Beatle … all I am saying … is give gold a chance.

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