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CHANGE my diet, Part 3

This is an update on My One Word for 2012: Change. Periodically I will stay accountable by letting you know how I’m doing. The good, the bad and the so-so. No holding back.

I haven’t challenged myself lately in regards to food.

In January I gave up meat. In February and March I gave up chocolate. Then we moved, and H’s mom visited and we allowed ourselves to eat some chicken. From chicken it’s a slippery slope to hot dogs. Oh, man, hot dogs. Excuse me while I wipe the saliva off my chin.

I finally collected myself and have gotten settled into a diet that is comfortable for me: pescatarianism. We eat fish a few times a week. Read: fish tacos. Also, this delicious dish.


We will become fish tacos soon!

I’ve been tracking my calories and foods with My Fitness Pal, and I definitely see some room for improvement. First on my list: More salads.

Enter challenge No. 3:
A salad a day.
For the entire month of July.

It could be a meal-sized salad or a little side salad to complement a meal. As long as there are leafy greens, I’m calling it a salad. I need some help, though. Please point me toward your favorite salad recipes. I want to make sure I don’t just eat the same ol’ salad every single day in July. No, I want to mix it up to keep it exciting! Challenge me, friends. I need to break out of my comfort zone here.


As long as I’m bearing my soul here about “changing” in 2012, I have to fess up to something: My 33 before 34 list is faltering big time. It’s time I at least attempt something on this list, eh? It’s so very hard for me to be crafty, though. I want to be, but there is just so little time in the day.

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