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Feminist Friday #2

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Welcome to this month’s Feminist Friday, where I round up some of the best thought-provoking links, and we can discuss what’s going on in the zeitgeist. Our motto here: Feminism is for everyone. 

Feminist Focus

Do you ever come across a thread on Twitter that you end up reading until you forgot what you were even reading about to begin with?

That’s how I felt when I started on this thread, calling out a magazine cover for including five white actress and one black actress.

The topic is harassment in Hollywood; the issue is lack of inclusion of WOC.

You can read opinion after opinion as you scroll through, but the question I want to pose is:

Do threads like this empower feminists or pit them against one another?


Feminist News Link Roundup

All the links that are worth clicking on this week. Some are serious, some are satire. All are food for thought.

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