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Inspirational Gallery Wall for Kids / Frame Game

Inspirational Gallery Wall for Kids • Frame Game is an occasional series in which I take readers' gallery wall requests and find art that fits their personalities • Little Gold Pixel

Frame Game is an occasional series in which I take readers’ gallery wall requests and find art that fits their personalities. Click here to see past Frame Games.

Today’s wall was inspired by Kelsey, who is looking for ideas for her office at a nonprofit serving Chicago’s homeless youth.

In her own words:

“We provide community outreach, counseling, case management, and transitional housing for youth 17-24 y/o. My office right now could really use some decorative prints — I just started working here about a month ago, and my walls are pretty bare and boring atm.

I’d love to create a therapeutic space that promotes healing, safety, kindness, and positive potential.

“My goal is to create a space where youth feel safe, accepted, and motivated.”

Many of the youth I work with love Beyonce (although I guess this goes without saying because who doesn’t love Beyonce?), the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Bulls, and the Pixar movie Inside Out.

Many of our clients identify as LGBT, and so I’d like to incorporate themes of acceptance and gender/sexual identity affirmation. My goal is to create a space where youth feel safe, accepted, and motivated.”

Inspirational Gallery Wall for Kids

I broke a lot of my own rules for this gallery wall.

I almost didn’t want it to feel like an office at all. Wouldn’t it be great for these homeless young people to walk in Kelsey’s office and feel like they’re at home?

The very first thing I did was give the wall a sense of place — Chicago — in this case the Chicago White Sox pennant. I found a great free pattern. All you have to do is print it out several times, glue each page to construction paper, cut out the banners and string them up along the wall.

You’ll notice I went all out with the inspirational sayings. I think words can be more powerful than images for our target audience. I went for self-affirmation, a Beyonce quote, a Harry Potter theme and a little helpful Inside Out game. All Kelsey would need to do is hang up a chalkboard, hooks and print out the character faces to have a pretty easy conversation starter with her teens.

Still, I felt like something was missing. In the great big world of free printables, there aren’t a lot of subtle and beautiful LGBT options. So … I had to make one myself. Enter the watercolor rainbow (which I’m sure would hold up at poster size if anyone were so inclined to do so).

To download these printables, click on the links below the roundup to go to the original download pages.

Inspirational Gallery Wall for Kids • Frame Game is an occasional series in which I take readers' gallery wall requests and find art that fits their personalities • Little Gold Pixel

White Sox pennantBeyonce quoteRainbow PrintableHarry Potter quoteBraver, Stronger Smarter quoteDon’t Worry, Be HappyBe Bold Be Brave Be YouBeYOUtifulInside Out printables

A few others not pictured, in case Kelsey wants to switch out a few to freshen things up:

If You Wanna Splurge

Sometimes, no matter how long you search for the perfect free printable (hey, it might still be out there!), there comes a time in every curator’s life when you simply must pay for good, quality art. Please do. I believe in supporting artists!

This is what I’d buy for Kelsey. A gorgeous, fun Beyonce print from Draw Me a Song. It’s hard to imagine anyone seeing this artwork and not getting a big kick out of it (as well as some vicious dance moves).

Draw Me a Song •

Interested in being featured on the Frame Game?

Sorry, the wait list for the Frame Game is so long that I’m no longer accepting submissions for free gallery walls.

Find out about my gallery wall consultation packages. They’re similar to Frame Game but go waaaaay above and beyond, measuring down to the inch and giving you a solid plan for executing your very own, personalized gallery wall.

Check out my packages:

Feel free to contact me for any custom needs.

P.S. The frames featured in this post are mockups. Check the individual download pages for details on ideal image size. Want to print something huge but it's sized at 8x10? Consider a larger frame with a mat. (Example here.)

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  • Breanna
    February 3, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Hello, I am searching for some help with redecorating my office and/or bedroom. The bedroom I am going for a black, grey and white theme and with the office I am in search of something motivational and inspiring. I just got into a relationship with a man and moved in just to find out that he is just recently getting over a depression with is ex fiancé who left him after cheating for a year and then taking all of his furniture. So I am trying to help him move past it and start over. Due to her ignorance and heartlessness he has to start all over with decorating and still has some down moments. so I found your blog and I am now asking for your help.

    • Vanessa
      February 8, 2016 at 10:20 pm

      Hi Breanna, thanks for your request! I’m adding it to the queue, and will email you as soon as I have the wall up.

  • Naomi (Mrs. Fancee)
    February 5, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Wow, I have never ever found such a comprehensive round up of great free printables from literally all over the web!! You have blown me away, and I will definitely be coming back to see what other goodies you have posted. And…. since you asked, I’ll put in my request 😉
    The request is for myself (Naomi) and I’m looking for artwork to decorate the stairway/hallway areas of our home. They are currently blank slate as we put in new wood floors, painted the stairs gray and white, painted the walls and trim white, and installed wood 6 panel doors. I love a transitional style that comes across elegant and timeless yet somehow spunky and modern all at the same time. Those ‘gathered’ looking galleries get me with the perfect balance of artful black and white drawings and bright abstract pieces. I’m trying to strike a balance between rustic neutrals and bright and glamorous accents…. I hope any of that made sense 🙂 Feel free to stalk my pinterest…

    • Vanessa
      February 8, 2016 at 10:21 pm

      Thanks Naomi! I’m adding your request to the queue, and will let you know as soon as I post your wall!