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Rustic Americana: July 4th Printables Collection

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We are closing in on July 4th. Already? Yes, already. Some of you probably have conflicted emotions about what it means to be patriotic under this president. I know I do. So when I created this year’s July 4th printables collection, a few funny things happened.

First of all, I started to feel protective over this country, and not just in the “it’s July 4th so I need to watch Independence Day on cable” kind of way. (Although I’ll totally do that because it’s downright un-American not to.)

Second, I noticed that my printables were split. Half patriotic, half protest.

Kinda like this great nation of ours.

But, in a way, isn’t that what America is? A bunch of voices, all talking at once. We would fight tooth and nail rather than bite our tongues for a moment. God forbid we venture to empathize with one another.

It’s kind of beautiful, that willful defiance of ours.

It’s kind of ugly, that willful defiance of ours.

I don’t have a solution to our great divide. I wish I did.

Regardless of our problems, I hope you see yourself a little in these July 4th printables. Protesting is the ultimate form of patriotism. It means you care enough about your country to want better.

July 4th Printables Collection

These July 4th printables are part of the Little Gold Pixel premium collection, which means you can download them for a small fee in the shop by following the links below.

Tools used in this project: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoshopDeadwood Sawtooth font, SpoonGraphics graphics

This Eagle is Free AF (vertical) :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

This Eagle is Free AF (horizontal) :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

Baby You’re a Firework :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

Talking Over One Another Since 1775 :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

Trapped in a Red State :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

Patriotic Not Psychotic :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

50 Blue Stars :: SHOP :: ETSY :: SOCIETY6

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