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16 Stylish Flag-Inspired Looks for July Fourth

Dressing festively on the Fourth of July is the easiest thing in the world. Red, white, blue. Boom. You’re done. Primary colors never go out of style, so you really shouldn’t have a difficult time finding something basic that looks like you tried. Heck, a red tee with blue polka-dot flats is the perfect blend of fun and subtle. This being said, sometimes there is no accounting for taste, and people are tacky as hell.

Take the recent trend in ‘MERICA clothing items. Good grief. There’s no faster way to lower your perceived IQ than to wear something with this saying on it. Whatever, you’re wearing it ironically. That doesn’t make it right.

And then there are people who looked like they wrapped themselves in the American flag. I get it, you’re patriotic and insane. Now put the flag back on the flagpole and put some real clothes on.

This being said, there are some ways to channel the U.S. flag without looking like you’re crazy. I found a few. A word of caution, though: Resist the urge to put on all the flag clothes at once. Take a few deep breaths, say eeny, meeny, miny, moe and choose the very best ONE, and one only. There. Now you’re ready to rock that Fourth of July bash.

Here are some choices for the entire family. No man, woman, child or baby will be without flag gear on my watch!

Time is of the essence, I realize, so I found a DIY option that might make the most sense in a pinch. It’s really cute, too. You just need some old jeans and a flag T-shirt. It doesn’t look too labor-intensive, and you probably could get away with well-placed safety pins if sewing isn’t your thing. Read the full tutorial on the Free People blog.

P.S. For more ‘MERICA! (just kidding), here’s how to plan the perfect low-key Fourth of July, and some vintage patriotic fashion from a few years back.

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