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Gif Me a Break

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Ever since I wrote about the plethora of memes on my husband’s phone, something strange has happened.

There are now FIVE memes in my camera roll, which is a lot considering I used to have ZERO. Something must’ve snapped in me when I was making fun (in the nicest way) of H’s meme hoarding problem. I’m like the child who makes silly faces at strangers only to have it get “stuck” that way.

Next thing you know I’ll be posting cat videos.

I warned you!

There is a time and place for jokes. This is the right time, and certainly the right place.

Enter: Gif Me a Break, an occasional series in which I find the perfect funny Gif to sum up a situation.

It’s amazing how a two-second video clip can be a highlight of your day. Because sometimes words just do not do a situation justice. And because sometimes, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

For example …

When you reminisce about your long-forgotten hairstyles, it’s like:

Funny Gif Posts • Little Gold Pixel

Source: Helen Green

(Only the reality isn’t quite so cool because you’re not David Bowie. Shame.)

When you wake up feeling ancient, it’s like:

When you remember all the fun parties you used to have back in the day, it’s like:

When you almost chip in your valid two cents on an out-of-control comment thread, it’s like:

When your daughter, who has been waking in the middle of the night complaining that there are “bees” (read: imaginary) in her room, wakes up inconsolable yet again, it’s like:

When you envision how you looked dancing on stage in high school, it’s like:

But the reality was probably more like:

When you remember that couch you had to chop in two because you couldn’t get it out the door, it’s like:

When a 3-year-old wants you to pick her up, you know it’ll be like:

When you think back on the most questionable fashion of your youth, you have to admit it’s the crop top you wore in junior high, like:

When both you and your husband stay calm through five minutes of a screaming threenager, otherwise known as a Time Out, it’s like:

When you remember that time you were in a rock band, it’s like:

(Because you DID play cowbell on a few songs, and obviously more of it was needed!)

When that toy that sings the ABC song drives you nuts, but your kid can’t stop playing with it, it’s like:

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

P.S. Past funny Gif posts. (Hilarity awaits.)

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