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Plan the Perfect Easter Sunday

Plan the Perfect Easter Sunday // Little Gold Pixel

What does it say about me as a thirtysomething woman that I still get ridiculously excited about the prospect of an egg hunt? What does it say about me that I used the word thirtysomething?

While you ponder these thought-provoking questions, allow me to introduce you to the perfect secular Easter (you’ll have to turn to your church for the religious stuff).

1. The day before, an egg-boiling marathon. Only, instead of dipping into dye (which I will totally still do anyway), how about glueing confetti to your eggs instead? A good non-messy alternative for kids.

2. Another kid-friendly craft: washi-taped egg ornaments.

3. Tuck a surprise ball into the Easter baskets (along with a book, my favorite Easter gift).

4. After the egg hunt and candy coma, it’s time for a bunny lunch with a few vegetables.

5. Put a pot of Greek lamb soup on the stove for dinner, and head back to the chocolate rabbit with the hollow ears. Just do it. I mean, you’ll have to wait till Halloween to have an excuse to eat so much candy again.

6. Don’t forget the Ham Florentine cups.

7. Eat dinner while watching Steel Magnolias. This movie screams EASTER in my mind.

8. While everyone is sobbing about Shelby, excuse yourself to concoct a Very Easter Dessert to finish the day: Peeps s’mores. Enough said.

**UPDATE: I just saw these brown sack Easter masks this morning, and I’m totally going to do this with Alexa on Friday. Easy crafts = my kind of crafts.

Would I be trivializing the holiday if I said the thing I am most looking forward to this weekend is sinking my teeth into the delectable, luscious, milk chocolate of a Cadbury creme egg? Forty days of abstaining from chocolate, and it has opened my eyes a little to how much I crave that sugary heaven.

Cadbury Eggs / Little Gold Pixel

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