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Wild and Free Botanical Printable

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Wild and Free Botanical Printable • Little Gold Pixel

Freebie Fridays is a weekly feature on Little Gold Pixel in which I share a free printable or design resource — art printables, wallpapers, etc. — for you to download and enjoy.

For today’s botanical printable, I dipped into my massive collection of floral and botanical clip art.

I miiiight need a clip art intervention. I have so much but hardly ever use it, so I either need to step it up or stop buying it. I’m just a sucker for botanical art.

Disclaimer: This is not to be confused with my typography addiction because there’s no such thing as too much typography. Duh.

The fun thing about making a printable like this is one you choose your typography, it’s all playing around with dimensions, positioning and balance. You’ll see it took me a few minutes of fiddling around.

Check out the time-lapse process video:

Wild and Free Botanical Printable

Art is a high-res 8.5×11. This free version is watermarked with the Little Gold Pixel logo. It’s for personal use only. No redistribution, selling, shady business or other mean stuff, mmkay.

Tools used: Adobe IllustratorAdobe Premiere Pro, Winchester Cuts, Abril Fatface, Fleur Painted Floral Graphics

Wild and Free Botanical Printable • Little Gold Pixel

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Wild and Free Botanical Printable • Little Gold Pixel

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P.P.S. A botanical freebie roundup.


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