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Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies

Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

I don’t know about you, but I could use some inspiration for finding a Halloween costume this year. The sooner the better, too, because even though I start off really gung-ho about making a homemade costume or putting together something super original, my enthusiasm typically wanes.

I’ll let this highly scientific chart speak for itself.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

This could explain how I ended up looking nothing like a cat a few years ago and kinda-sorta like a pirate last year.

In my search for easy and fun Halloween costumes, I keep coming back to the scenes I love so much from certain movies. Here are my top 5 picks. There are many more where these came from (and certainly some more frightening, if that’s your thing).

Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies

Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

“Ex-Wife” from Mean Girls

Scene: Cady Heron doesn’t get the memo that all the girls are dressing like sluts (“I’m a mouse, duh”) and crashed the party with her gory getup.

Fun: Who doesn’t want to play with the fake teeth and blood?

Easy: A headband, tulle and really tacky prom dress or wedding gown from the thrift store. Set.


Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

“Shower Curtain” from Karate Kid

Scene: Daniel LaRusso tries to hide from his enemies in this clever ensemble. Spoiler: They find him anyway.

Fun: Makeout party!

Easy: Apparently you can just buy one.


Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

“Jill” from Once Bitten

Scene: Robin is upset with her boyfriend because he’s supposed to be Jack (as in Jack and Jill), but instead he comes to the dance dressed as a vampire even though he “says” he’s not wearing a costume. Some funky lady shows up and tries to steal him away, but Robin fights back with her mad skills during a dance off.

Fun: Cute but not hooker-wear, plus you have a swirly skirt, and who doesn’t like a swirly skirt?

Easy: Debatable. But I could see a white blouse, red skirt and strategically pinned pieces of white fabric for the kerchief and apron working in a pinch.


Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

“Skeleton” from Donnie Darko

Scene: Donnie Darko is on a date with destiny and shows up to the Halloween party wearing literally the laziest costume ever. The hoodie really ties it all together.

Fun: Wearing a hoodie will make you instantly recognizable as Donnie. Bonus points if you get your significant other to dress up like Frank, the demented bunny (who still gives me nightmares).

Easy: It’s a pretty easy costume to find.


Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel Top 5 Halloween Costumes Worn in Movies • Little Gold Pixel

“Cat Creature” from E.T.

Scene: Elliott’s mom takes pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes, failing to notice that it’s E.T. wearing the ghost costume, not her daughter.

Fun: This costume is like the musical Cats meets Catwoman meets random cat print. It’s almost like I tried to do a few years ago, but better.

Easy: A simple masquerade mask, a cat headband, and a dress you’d wear even if it weren’t Halloween (this one is awesome & this one, too). Do a simple Google search for tiger print or leopard print dress.

Which one would you wear? I need help deciding.


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Alexa’s 3½-Year-Old Photoshoot


The last time I took a photo of Alexa with her owl was in April, three months after she turned 3. My baby turned 3½ at the end of July, and this time I remembered to snap a shot less than two months after her half-birthday. With any luck, and keeping the same pattern, we’ll take Alexa’s 4-year-old picture only a month late next year. 

Alexa has grown by leaps and bounds (both mentally and physically) since she started school in February. She speaks in full, often hilarious, sentences. She can see animals in clouds (today it was a duck), she likes to memorize books and read them back to us, she can spell and write her name, she is obsessed with shoes and princess dresses, she loves to play at the beach, and she is always trying to negotiate for “more” of everything she likes.

At the beginning of the summer Alexa started taking ballet and tap lessons. She loves it. Last weekend, H and I witnessed some beautiful Arabesques and plies, and watching her pay attention in class and listen to instructions made this mama so proud. After taking Alexa to class for a few months, I wrote about why dance class is a good thing for such young children, and I stand by my observations.

She is still a Jake & the Neverland Pirates fan, and her entertainment choices continue to evolve. Current faves include Sofia the First, Cinderella, Alvin & the Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Tinkerbell, Brave, Frozen and, randomly, Spider-Man.

Alexa is on a never-ending quest to procure more and more dolls. Now when we play together she has to control how I hold the dolls, and what they should be doing at any given moment. I think she gets this from me. She likes to re-enact scenes from books or movies, also like I used to do when I was a kid.

Favorite songs? Well, let’s just say she has an affinity for pop music, especially as sung by the Chipmunks (insert slight shudder here). She knows all the songs in the Frozen repertoire. All the ones I’ve mentioned in past posts, and … her first Britney Spears song (from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack, sigh, with lyrics that I hope are over her head for at least another decade).

Favorite books of the moment: Cinderella, Uni the Unicorn, Oh No George, Little Owl Lost, Where the Wild Things Are

No naps on the weekend anymore. But we can sometimes get her to lie down for quiet time.

She helps me cook/bake all the time now. She’s very eager to stir and measure things out. Good luck getting her to eat the food we cook though, especially if there are vegetables involved.

Alexa is regimented about brushing her teeth and cleaning up after herself. When she hears an instruction she doesn’t like, she ignores it. If you repeat the instruction, she will turn around and say “STOP” very firmly. There are tantrums, there are time-outs. She’s 3, after all!

She shot up like crazy this summer, and now all of her clothes are too short. She’s now needing 4T-5T, and I’ve been hovering around the little girl section and wondering what the difference is between a 4 and a 4T. Anybody know? She has to wear sneakers to school, which makes her angry. On the weekend she is very excited to wear whatever shoes she desires. She puts on her socks and shoes all by herself, albeit grudgingly because socks = torture (I happen to agree, but it’s school rules!).

She climbs in and out of the bathtub by herself. She stays dry at night and uses the adult potty all the time now (no more little potties — yay!).

Favorite toys: Elsa and Anna, princess clips, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, ballerina Barbies, magnetic dolls, cars, vintage Fisher Price barn

Stats: Not sure. All I know is that she’s getting TALL.




Oh, my, how she’s grown. Evidence:
Alexa's First Year

second year

Read past updates here.

28 More Free Printables To Hang On Your Gallery Walls

Psst — hi there! Did you find this post via Pinterest? If so, nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a few minutes to click around so we can get to know each other better. A few good places to start: There is a freebies page I think you’d like, as well as my About page and a roundup of my Favorite Posts


You know that feeling, when you mention something off the cuff … like sea otters, for instance … and then all of sudden sea otters are popping up everywhere. They’re mentioned on the radio, you see commercials on the TV, etc.? This happened to me after I posted about free printables for wall art a few weeks ago.

I kept coming across even more fun, free printables. I couldn’t ignore them anymore, so I started setting them aside in a folder. Now I have enough to share with you. We’re going to have more gallery walls than rooms in the house if we don’t watch out. And sea otters! There will be sea otters if I have to make a printable myself.

*Note to self: Make a sea otter printable.

28 More Free Printables for Gallery Walls

I call this gallery wall Camera Group Hug. The cameras from Design Editor (top row) are super large, and they would be really awesome printed out oversized. Have you ever heard about the blueprint method? The quality will not be archival, of course, but if you want archival art, you should buy directly from the artist. For our gallery wall purposes, a blueprint will do just fine.

When I was placing the “Keep the Wild In You” art below, it came in sideways like that. I nearly turned it right side up before I realized how exciting it was sideways! And it goes with the sentiment of the phrase.

Don’t be afraid to crop and/or try untraditional framing and placement of your art. Hanging something a little askew or cropped can mean the difference between ho-hum and wow. (For reference, I also cropped in on the solar system art below. The rest of free printable is cool, too, but there was a certain segment of the drawing that spoke to me.)

I call this collection The Sea vs. TCB. Lots of wild fun, plus lots of inspiration to get to work.

And, if we’re playing a game of “this is not like the others,” yes, I mixed in a Led Zeppelin concert poster. I love the look of a well-designed and framed concert poster hanging out with other artwork.

P.S. I tracked down the Max Wanger beach image just for this post because I downloaded it a while back and it has been my desktop image ever since. I absolutely love it. Highly recommended. If you want a large, print-quality version of Splash, you can buy it from Max’s store.

Resources for free printables

But wait, there’s more

Get Your Free Design Whiz Kit

My TOP 10 tools to boost your design creativity & confidence!


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28 More Free Printables for Wall Art • Little Gold Pixel

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10 Reading Experiences That Cut Me to the Core

10 Books That Stayed With Me • Little Gold Pixel

Recently I talked about books that have haunted me, in a bad way. Today I want to flip the table and talk about books that have stayed with me in a good way.

I started thinking about this after a friend tagged me on Facebook to name 10 such books, but not to think too long about the list. For once I decided to abide by the rules, and immediately started typing out books that deeply touched me throughout my formative years, as well as ones in recent memory.

Much like everything on Facebook, this was a surface meme, so I posted the list as is.

Nearly instantly I had the urge to edit it, to pull some out in lieu of others that were starting to pop into my head. But after sitting on this list for two weeks, I’m starting to see the beauty in it, and I know why each of these books lives within me.

Which 10 books would make your list, off the top of your head?

Did you do this meme on Facebook? Paste your answers into the comments so I can see what books have stayed with you!

10 Books That Have Stayed With Me (and Why)

1. Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder

I read this book in elementary school, and it was a wonder to me that it took place in Kansas (where I lived). Imagine looking around you and trying to picture the scene on the cover while you’re living in 1980s suburbia!


2. The Story of My Life, Helen Keller

In the first grade, I was bored with the classroom books and asked my teacher if she had anything else to read. She pulled this thick (nearly 100 pages!) book out of her own stack and lent it to me. Besides being a personal milestone in length, the subject matter really got to me. It was the first time I had truly put myself in someone else’s shoes and tried to imagine what the world would be like if I couldn’t see or hear or speak.


3. On the Road, Jack Kerouac

When I read this book in high school, I got it, man. It speaks to every kid who is stir-crazy and ready to flee wherever it is they are.


4. The Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker

Even though I just read this book last year, I catch myself thinking about it from time to time. I can’t think of a better narrative for describing the abrupt descent from childhood to adulthood. It really does feel like the world is ending and everything is changing.


5. Life After Life, Kate Atkinson

This book has started so many conversations about life, death, reincarnation and What It All Means. When I first started reading, I was certain it was going to go a different direction. It’s nice to be surprised by literature, and when it pushes the reader to think outside all of his/her self-drawn boxes, it’s safe to say that this book stayed with me.


6. Franny and Zooey, F. Scott Fitzgerald

I appreciated this book, about the search for meaning and self, while I was in college.


7. The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

This was my entry into Hemingway’s work, and thank goodness. I still think it’s his best, and most “true” thing he ever wrote. I was transported into a time and place totally foreign to me, and it opened up my interest in the ex-pats of the Lost Generation.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.33.49 AM

8. Confessions of a Hitch-hiker, Adrian Reid

I found this book in high school, hiding in the storage room in one of the many boxes of my mom’s old books. I found so many gems from the 1970s there, but this was my favorite, and I like to re-read it on occasion. It’s a candid tale of two hitch-hikers in Europe who live a wild, carefree life that is so fascinating to watch … from a distance.


9. A Day in the Life: The Music and Artistry of The Beatles, Mark Hertsgaard

I have a lot of Beatles books, but I dogeared this one the most. It was my constant friend and companion while I was writing my senior thesis paper on The Beatles in high school. I think at one point I almost had it memorized.


10. The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

If this book doesn’t stay with you, you are a robot. I am not ashamed to say that I curled up in the fetal position and sobbed like a baby when this book ended. It’s so heartbreaking, so hopeful, so beautiful. It’s almost painful.



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Would You Ever Get Genetic Testing, Even If the Results Are Scary?

Let’s Get Serious is an occasional series in which I ponder serious and/or of-the-moment issues that affect us all. Please submit future topic suggestions here.

I read an interesting article about genetic testing in the New York Times the other day.

Apparently doctors are seeing more patients who are interested in finding out whether they carry mutations that could lead to a terminal illness later on, breast cancer, for instance. And while their genes are being mapped out for breast cancer, they’re also being screened for any number of other scary diseases, some of which have no cure or treatment plan.

And wouldn’t you know it, people are getting tested for one thing and coming out clean for it, only to find out they have a mutation that could lead to another, more terrifying fate if the odds are not in their favor.

Some genes were included “because they could be tested, not necessarily because they should be,” said Dr. Kenneth Offit, chief of clinical genetics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He said that the testing companies are “rushing headlong into this era,” and that “individuals are getting results we’re not fully educated to counsel them on.”

In the case of the patient the NYT talked to, they found a marker for a disease that is so severe the only course of treatment is to remove the stomach. Scary stuff.


Ethan Hawke, resorting to identity theft to escape his genes in “Gattaca.”

I went through this on a smaller degree when I was pregnant, and every few weeks the doctors would suggest one test or another to rule out “abnormalities.” They trumpet these tests as being a necessary part of the preparation process. After all, they say, you’d want to know in advance if your child would need special care right away.

Yes and no.

While it was a relief to find out that my baby was healthy, there was that niggling shakiness in the back of my mind as a result of the fear-mongering, which could’ve been some of the reason I kept having weird dreams that I would give birth to some kind of fish/reptile/mutated form.

I could see this going the way of “Gattaca.” If you haven’t seen this movie or you haven’t seen it in awhile, it’s worth a watch.

When does genetic testing cease to be a means of exploration and advance warning and start to become a control measure in the womb, either by early termination or modification of a fetus in utero?

It’s something to think about. I certainly do not want my life choices/job options limited by my genes. What a terribly predictable way to live! We’re more fascinated by and inspired by people who succeed despite their limitations. What would happen to our society if we told every weak-hearted child that he couldn’t follow his dreams because of the chance that he could have a heart attack?


I’m very cautious about the intentions and future misuses of seemingly helpful technology. (You’re talking to the woman who is wary of Roombas and other such robots.)

However, I can see that as I get older I might want genetic testing for myself. My mother and grandmother died of lung cancer, and if gene mapping can lead to early detection can lead to successfully fighting off cancer, I will do it. I won’t be happy about it or calm or at ease, but I’ll do it. For my family’s sake and for cancer research.

I just hope the results don’t get used for evil in a few generations …

What about you? [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Would you ever get genetic testing? Why or why not?[/inlinetweet]

Gif Me a Break

Funny Gif Posts • Little Gold Pixel

I keep getting phone calls for “the doctor.” In fact, 99.9% of the time my work phone rings, it’s someone asking for the doctor.

Strangely enough, I got a few calls today on my cellphone for people ALSO seeking “the doctor.”

It’s perplexing, really. Is it a Doctor Who thing? Is it a drug dealer thing? Or is it a legitimate medical emergency? Should I urge them to dial 911 instead of being so flippant by retorting “the doctor isn’t in”?

There is a time and place for jokes, of course. This is the right time, and certainly the right place.

Enter: Gif Me a Break, an occasional series in which I find the perfect funny Gif to sum up a situation.

It’s amazing how a two-second video clip can be a highlight of your day. Because sometimes words just do not do a situation justice. And because sometimes, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

For example …

When you are working super hard on something, lose track of time and find out it’s 4 a.m., it’s like:

When you figure out the magic formula for a 3-year-old’s bedtime routine, it’s like:

But sometimes it falls apart.

Like when all of a sudden it’s super hard for her to brush her teeth:

And you have to take over:

Or in the morning, when it’s time to get dressed for school, and she is frustrated with her shoe selection because she doesn’t want to wear sneakers, NO WAY, she wants to wear something like this …

So you are forced to put your foot down and give her valuable life advice, like:

You can’t fight every battle because you have battles of your own.

When you realize laundry day is tomorrow and you are working with a limited selection, it’s like:

When, in your haste to pack your kid’s lunch, you realize you forgot to pack your own, it’s like:

When you are in the zone at work, and everyone all of a sudden demands your attention, it’s like:

When you’re trying to frankenstein a recipe because you’re missing one or more ingredients, it’s like:

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Click here to check out my past funny Gif posts. (Hilarity awaits.)

Awesome Halloween Party Recipes

13 Awesome Halloween Party Recipes • Little Gold Pixel

Last week, in the middle of that oh-god-no heat wave, I went to a Back to School night at Alexa’s school, where the topics ranged from proper footwear to sign-in procedures to yawn to more yawns to Halloween party.

My ears perked up. Halloween party, you say? And immediately the wheels in my mind started turning, imagining the possibilities of clever, awesome Halloween party recipes.

You know how Thanksgiving is an excuse to eat all the turkey and pie and … well, all the things? Halloween is an excuse for me to make some crazy finger foods. Not REAL human finger foods, mind you, the edible kind for those of us who aren’t cannibals.

I try to keep this urge under wraps somewhat because I’m just cooking for my family, and maybe my colleagues at work.

Contrary to what you might’ve heard in Clueless, everywhere in L.A. is NOT twenty minutes, so it takes an awful lot of effort, crossed fingers and a prayer to throw a real, honest-to-god party. It’s not like in my college days when all it took was the call “FREE BEER” to rally the troops over to our place for a night of of drunken dancing in costumes and everyone passed out on the floor or near the toilet.

Now there are freeways to consider and cab rides and carpooling and designated drivers.

The struggle is real, just watch The Californians.

It appears I’ve digressed some.

Back to the topic at hand. Halloween parties! It’s not only officially fall now, it’s also officially sweater weather (at least in my mind because I wore one today and I have no shame), so I think it’s perfectly acceptable to throw a virtual Halloween party, don’t you?

It’s been a few years since my last virtual Halloween party. My hostess skills might be a little rusty. Please pretend you don’t notice.

No driving, no babysitters. Just step inside, my friends.

Welcome to my Awesome Halloween Party, Recipe Edition.

First, the Appetizers

Let me get you a beverage.

Never mind the eyeballs. While you’re nursing the drink, perhaps you’d like some veggies and dip? Let’s not pick any bones about it.

Nibble on these cheese brooms while I get you another drink.

Now for the entrees

Now that you’re getting a little buzzed, I’ll lead you over to the Nacho Pumpkins.

They’re not making faces at you.

(Maybe they are.)

Swing by the graveyard for some taco dip.

Thus concludes our Mexi-Cali portion of the evening.

Now onto the trio of spiders.

No matter how many times I tell myself that spiders are mostly our friends, I get a case of the creepy-crawlies when I think about them and their eight eyes.

It could be a side effect of watching Arachnophobia when I was younger. The giant egg sac in the barn scarred me for life.

Speaking of spider eggs …

I’m sorry, did all of that spider talk make you lose your appetite? Perhaps something sweet will make you feel better.

Get your dessert on

Yeah, I know, it’s too healthy. Here’s the real contraband.

You know it’s getting serious when candy corn is involved.

And s’mores. Breaking out the big guns here.

Oh, all right. Colorful cookies. I’m twisting your arm … why is it coming off? Oh, it’s just your costume. Whew.

And, lastly, perhaps you should have a donut and some coffee before going home.

You need to get going before the sun comes up, or else…

Please click on the links beneath each photo for the original recipes. Be sure and tell ’em Large Marge … er, Little Gold Pixel sent ya.

(Insert wicked laugh here.)



Which one of these recipes would you be most apt to make? Tell me in the comments!

Free Beatles Printables: All You Need Is Love

Free Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel

Every time we hear the song “All You Need Is Love,” H and I have the same conversation.

♫ All you need is love, all together now, all you need is love, everybody ♫

H: Well, no, I mean, you need money and shelter and food.

V: And a car, usually.

H: But money can’t buy you love.

V: Neither can a car. Although if you love someone, you’ll let them drive your car.

H: Baby, you can drive my car.

V: That must mean you love, love me, do. You know I love you.

H: So I stand corrected. All you need is love.

V: … And money.

H: That’s what I want.

V: I want to hold your hand.

And so on and so on. Why gather concrete evidence when you’ve got Beatles song lyrics to back you up?

In that spirit, I created some free Beatles printables for you (perhaps it could join the others I suggested for your gallery wall), and in four different colors, too.

Free Beatles Printables for You, Because I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Right click + save target/link as on DOWNLOAD button under each. Printables are high-res in 8.5×11 format.

Remember to play nice. For personal use only. Not for use in commercial projects. Feel free to share, making sure to credit/link back to this post. If you hang one of these on your wall, tag @littlegoldpixel on Instagram so I can see it!

Free Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel


Free Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel


Free Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel


Free Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel


Now in the shop

I’ve created a premium version of this printable in various colors, for those of you who want a little more of a minimal vibe.

Beatles Printables • All You Need Is Love • Little Gold Pixel •

You can start the downloading/buying process right here:

Listen & Look: The Beatles (Part 2)

Fashion Inspired by The Beatles (1963) • Little Gold Pixel

Listen & Look is an occasional series focusing on music inspired fashion. I listen, then I create the look! This is the second of my Beatles-related posts. See Part 1 here.

On our way to school in the morning, Alexa and I have gotten into a routine of belting out a rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” It’s never too early to start learning the Beatles’ catalogue, I say. My favorite part of her singing this timeless tune is how she sings “Oh yeah, I’ll … tell you somefeen.”

Somefeen! I can’t make this up. This is the stuff gold and unicorns and butterflies are made of.

It’s also what clean-cut, boots-wearing Beatles are made of.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Let’s reimagine 1963-era Fab Four fashion for today’s woman, shall we?[/inlinetweet]


Do You, Too, Rely on the Notes App Way Too Much?

Do You, Too, Rely on the Notes App Way Too Much? • Little Gold Pixel

iPhone: William Hook

At one point in my life I had all of my friends’ phone numbers memorized. It was during what I’ll probably refer to as my “golden period” when I’m old and reminiscent, the time when my brain was still so fresh and uncluttered that it could easily categorize and file away important information to be used later. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, this was before the advent of cellphones.

In the past few years, I can barely be counted on to remember my own phone number, let alone anyone else’s. This is how it came to be that I had a mild (OK, major) panic attack when my phone was wiped clean a few months ago and I had to recollect all of those numbers that I’d never, ever, not in a billion years remember.

Asking for numbers all over again is like a technological walk of shame, in which you admit to everyone you know that you are playing fast and loose with their personal info, with nary a care for tomorrow.

To overcompensate for not remembering things, and because it was more handy than a Post-It note (oh yes I love Post-It notes), I started using the Notes app to keep track of things. Snippets of HTML here, PIN codes there, quick to-do lists.

I’m starting to rely on the Notes app for things I can’t even remember relying on it for. It’s a discomforting situation to come across random numbers and not know what they’re for, what they mean. Is this important, or do I have to hoard this digital file until its mysterious purpose is revealed, like in an Agatha Christie novel?

Signs You May Rely on the Notes App Too Much

Check your Notes app. If you possess one or more of these “notes,” you, too may have a problem:

Do You, Too, Rely on the Notes App Way Too Much? • Little Gold Pixel

There are dozens more where these came from.

1. Shopping lists … as in plural, as in some from more than a year ago.

2. Ongoing list of baby names … and you’re not even pregnant.

3. Half-remembered dreams … even autocorrect can’t save this jumbled, early-morning mess of tangled thoughts.

4. Half-baked ideas … you could be a genius, if only you wrote down the entire plan.

5. Old passwords … not as helpful as the new ones.

6. Random numbers that now make no sense to you … this could be a parking lot reminder, or the passcode for your safe deposit box. No worries. It will all be revealed in time (said no one, ever).

7. Lists of funny things your kid/husband/friends say … totally out of context, of course. Guessing games = fun!

8. Lists of song titles for your fictional rock band … we better copyright “Coffin for a Penis” before anyone else gets ahold of it.

9. Calls to action long forgotten … I wonder if I ever sent that birthday card, after all.

10. Anything marked “REMEMBER” in all-caps … because you have obviously forgotten.


So what’s the verdict? Do you have any of these notes in your Notes app? It’s time to fess up!