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5 Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

Fun & Unique Pinterest Boards to Follow • Little Gold Pixel

I have this theory that everyone has at least one online addiction at this point. Something that you gravitate toward constantly, mindlessly, clicking on and on with an ease akin to popping pills.

For me that addiction is Pinterest.

It’s soothing to me, to collect items of interest and organize them in files. The only way to perfect the model would be to create sub-boards within a board so I can break down my ice cream board into cones, sandwiches and recipes (ahem, are you listening, Pinterest?).

Pinterest is so soothing that I sometimes scroll through pins while I’m first waking up, before I’m even fully alert and caffeinated. Sometimes I scroll as I’m drifting off to sleep at night, and if I’ve ever sent you a really random Pin in the middle of the night, I apologize for the sleep-pinning.

This week I spent several hours organizing work-related pins in my private boards. If that’s not dedication to the addiction, I don’t know what is.

How I use Pinterest, and why it works for me

I’ve read that some people get Pinterest paralysis, in which they become overwhelmed by the possibilities and instead do nothing at all. I haven’t had this problem, and I think it’s because I see things very objectively as reminders, inspirations or catalogue items.

  • For a reminder board, I post things I’d like to get to or try eventually. I don’t allow myself to care too much about whether I actually get around to these things or not. Periodically I purge these boards of items that no longer interest me.
  • For inspiration boards, I collect items that fit in with my aesthetics for a certain category. After collecting for awhile, you start to see your personality pop. This is perfect for decor or wardrobe or art.
  • For catalogue items, I file away important visual information so I can find it easily later. (This is particularly useful for my professional private boards.)

5 Pinterest boards you should follow

Here are five boards I’ve uncovered recently that I think you’d get a kick out of.

Follow Cat Coquillette’s board Oddities & Eye Candy on Pinterest.

ONE ↟ This board has my heart right now for it’s all-encompassing collection of je ne sais quoi. From landscapes to patterns to high art, each and every pin is riveting in its own way. Happy scrolling! Follow Melissa Guedes – vintage + little’s board your whole outfit rocks on Pinterest.

TWO ↟ When I came across this board I was a little shocked by how much I loved it. The fashion isn’t typically something I’d pin. Most of it isn’t terribly accessible or even pretty, but I can’t deny how interesting all the mixed patterns and editorial styling is. I’m inspired to work on my closet a little more in the near future.

Follow Camilo Vasquez’s board :::::50’s::::: on Pinterest.

THREE ↟ Gah, do I love the patterns, colors and textures of midcentury modern design. This board focuses on print trends from the 1950s. It’s a travesty that hardcover books are so plain nowadays, don’t you think? Follow keila kotaira’s board Geometry on Pinterest.

FOUR ↟ Geometric designs and patterns, not to be confused with the math class that gave me nightmares about the Pythagorean theorem.

Follow STILL’s board exteriors: black on Pinterest.

FIVE ↟ This board very quietly shows you the beauty of a black-painted exterior. I’m usually drawn to white or brick, and I’m surprised at how these Pins made quite the impression on me when I found them.

What about you? Do you have any favorite boards or Pinners? What’s your favorite board that YOU created on Pinterest? Do share in the comments!

I’m quite partial to my Mood :: Noir and Mood :: Gold boards at the moment. Do you follow me on Pinterest? I’d be delighted if you did!

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