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Frame Game: Fun & Fresh Gallery Wall for a Diverse Couple

Fun & Fresh Gallery Wall for a Diverse Couple • Little Gold Pixel

Frame Game is an occasional series in which I take readers’ gallery wall requests and find art that fits their personalities. Click here to see past Frame Games.

Today’s wall was inspired by Andrea and Adrian, a fun-loving couple who want their small apartment to reflect their varied interests.

In Andrea’s words:
“The wall belongs to me and my boyfriend; I would love to mix harmoniously our likes … which are kind of different. We live in a small apartment, prefer clean lines and white backgrounds, not a fan of cluttered spaces.”

Andrea’s interests include yoga, traveling, animals, Buddha, nature and dogs. Adrian’s interests include Batman, poker, superheroes, Italian stuff and dogs.

Let’s go!

Fun & Fresh Gallery Wall for a Diverse Couple

My biggest goal when it came to Andrea and Adrian was to make sure their focal pieces were of the interests they have in common. In this case: DOGS.

This isn’t the first time I’ve turned to vintage posters to anchor a wall. What can I say? They’re great in a pinch and match a plethora of styles. In this case, the clean, graphic lines Andrea is looking for.

The dog poster really jumped out at me. In addition to meeting the criteria, I thought it also had a superhero quality to it — with the dog’s ribbon flying like a cape. The Italian lakes poster combined two different interests: nature (for Andrea) and Italian stuff (for Adrian).

With the secondary pieces, I tried to mix and match. Mandalas and woods and maps for Andrea’s hobbies; Batman mask and the Ace of spades for Adrian’s hobbies. Lastly, a You + Me piece to tie the entire wall together.

To download these printables, click on the links below to go to the original download pages.

Fun & Fresh Gallery Wall for a Diverse Couple • Little Gold Pixel

Mandalas (three other options!) • I Went to the WoodsYou + Me

Pet ShowItalian Lakes

Ace of SpadesVintage MapBatman (look here for more Batman/superhero freebies!)


If You Wanna Splurge

Sometimes, no matter how long you search for the perfect free printable (hey, it might still be out there!), there comes a time in every curator’s life when you simply must pay for good, quality art. Please do. I believe in supporting artists!

This is what I’d buy for Andrea and Adrian. A Diagram of Dogs poster from Pop Chart Lab. This poster is graphic and fun — it would make a great centerpiece item. At $29 for a whopping 24″Wx18″H, this poster is also a great value.



Interested in being featured on the Frame Game?

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