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Freebie! ‘Frozen’ Art Printables — I Can’t Hold It Back Anymore

Free! Frozen Printables •

Alexa has been out of school this week, which of course means I’ve been subjected to more “Frozen” than usual. The girl knows the words to all the songs, and she acts out many of the passages (much like I used to do with the opening monologue of “Labyrinth”).

Her latest thing is re-enacting the scene in which a young Elsa backs away from her parents and says, “Don’t touch me! I don’t want to hurt you!” It’s only a matter of time before a random Target passerby hears the urgency in her dramatic voice and takes it the wrong way. Oh well, I would definitely rather my daughter have a big imagination than the alternative.

I’m a staunch supporter of “Frozen.” I think it’s one of the better-made Disney musicals in recent memory. I also enjoy the universal themes of love vs. fear, the strong female leads (Anna could be smarter, but nobody’s perfect) and, OK, the music. It’s addictive.

So it was during the last 30 minutes of today’s viewing that I started messing around in Photoshop with a few of the very important messages from the “Frozen” gang, in particular Olaf and Elsa.

I know “Frozen” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (my husband says it’s for girls; whatevs, I’ve heard little boys on the playground getting into a sing-along sesh). But if you or someone you know is into it, here are some free printables. They are 8×10, so they would fit into any standard photo frame. I could see them in a nursery or on your desk at work … maybe not the warm hugs one, but maybe you’re the office hugger, who am I to judge?

Four different fonts for different tastes. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share!

Free ‘Frozen’ Printables

{Click on links to download}

Free! Frozen Printables •
Sketch: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Bemio Italic: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Bemio: Hugs | Let It Go

Free! Frozen Printables •
Belta: Hugs | Let It Go

P.S. More freebies!

The fine print: Do not use Little Gold Pixel freebies for commercial projects. Credit when it feels right. In general, play nice. Thanks for supporting my blog!

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