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25+ July 4th Free Printables

25+ July 4th Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Every year we say we’re not going to bother with the mess that is public fireworks displays in Los Angeles. But then, inevitably, we scramble last minute to see if we can find a spot somewhere close to the beach.

This is my pledge right here, right now that I will not do this again this year.

First of all, because I’m older and wiser (ha).

Second of all, because there’s a great view from the overlook near our house that gives us a bird’s-eye view of the entire harbor area. We can see fireworks both legal and illegal going off simultaneously. It’s truly theatrical to observe.

All this time we had been going out for soft serve when we had hand-churned ice cream at home.

Same with trying to decorate for this holiday. It’s so rough. It’s all either incredibly country or the primary colors are too bright. Target has some interesting ideas in the dollar bin this year, but it’s still very hit or miss.

Enter the Internets! I’ve found the best free printables for the Fourth of July, presented to you in themed gallery walls.

Note: Not sure it’s really necessary to create a July Fourth gallery wall if you are a sane person. One or two printables on your mantel or entryway would do nicely.

Find the link for the corresponding printable directly under the photo. It’ll take you to the original download page.

July 4th Free Printables: Graphic

25+ July 4th Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Statue of LibertyPursuit of HappinessRed GinghamFourth of JulyPursuit of PopsiclesAmerica est. 1776

July 4th Free Printables: Maps

25+ July 4th Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Let Freedom Ring1776Geometric USALand That I LoveFloral USAAnchors AwayVintage Red

July 4th Free Printables: Vintage

25+ July 4th Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

Sweet Land of LibertyLand That I LoveCelebrate FreedomFun on the FourthBlue StarCursive Star Spangled Banner

July 4th Free Printables: Typography

25+ July 4th Free Printables • Little Gold Pixel

FireworksLand that I LoveLet Freedom RingHome of the BraveHandlettered Star Spangled BannerPreamble to the ConstitutionOmbre Star Spangled Banner

P.S. My Nautical Americana collection is available in the shop.
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  • Kim@Classical Bohemian
    June 25, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    I love all of these…thanks for sharing!