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4th of July Anchors Away Map Printable

4th of July Anchors Away Map Printable • Little Gold Pixel

I was taught to avoid mixed conversations about two topics: politics and religion.

There is no quicker way to turn friends into enemies, I was told.

Obviously not someone to follow the rules, I have talked about both of these things in mixed company. I have dared to study political science in college, and I have dared to have an open mind when it comes to religion.

In most cases these conversations end with “agree to disagree.” And we go on with our friendships (if there was one in the first case), rarely mentioning our differing viewpoints.

As I get older, though, I have grown more wary of speaking about either. Not because I don’t enjoy a good fight! Oh, I love a good verbal spar.

It’s just that these topics are highly volatile, highly personal, and little can be gained by trying to convince someone that your views are “better” or their views are “bad.”

And yet — even though I don’t exactly relish the opportunity to talk politics or religion with people of an opposite view, I love that as an American this is even a possibility.

This election year is super polarized. I’m not going to tell you which “side” I’m on. I’m not going to try to convince you who to vote for. But I COULD talk until I’m blue in the face. And isn’t that great?

I hope that the collective “we” can agree on the things that make America wonderful. As in, the right to have opposing viewpoints. The right to practice any religion we choose. The right to be who we are. And, most importantly, to allow people we disagree with to have the same rights.

Like my printable from last July Fourth: the right to pursue happiness.

Here’s my patriotic offering for this year.

4th of July Anchor Map Printable

4th of July Anchors Away Map Printable • Little Gold Pixel

Art is 8.5×11 high-res PDF. Personal use only. Do not sell or claim as your own. Play nice!


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  • a.kristi
    June 23, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Perfect timing! My friend is at a Delta Gamma convention in Florida right now and anchors are their “thing”. I sent her your PDF and a link to your site & FB page! Hope you get lots of new site traffic!!