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20 Free Fairy Tale Printables for Kids’ Rooms

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A moment, if you will. Today is my daughter’s fifth birthday. Half a decade.

When we brought her home from the hospital, we were kind of amazed that we could leave just like that. No certifications, no real experience to speak of. And yet, we were tasked with keeping this tiny human alive. It was such an honor, and so so scary because our baby was so fragile and couldn’t tell us what she wanted.

We were pantomiming around like Marcel Marceau for the first year of her life. Which is fine if you’re Marcel Marceau, but I’m not.

Now that she’s able to tell us in exact detail what she wants, I’m sometimes in awe of her choices.

For her birthday today, she deliberately chose a frilly pink princess costume to wear to school. Topping it off: a tiara and a medal that says “winner.”

I set about looking for these fairy tale printables as a way of time-capsuling this moment. A moment when she wants nothing more than fairies, princesses, pinks and pastels. I think she’d love it. I hope you do, too.

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20 Free Fairy Tale Printables for Kids’ Rooms

Click on the links below the images to go to the printables’ individual download pages.

20 Free Fairy Tale Printables for Kids Rooms • Little Gold Pixel

Frozen banner (other designs, too!) • Made of StardustArendelle Frozen poster (+ several other designs) • Be BraveHakuna MatataWild and FreePrincess silhouettes (+more)

I’m in love with the vintage-style Disney travel posters. You just exchange your email for the files, and they’re well worth it. In fact, it’s my next project: to print out the Arendelle poster above and hang it in my daughter’s room.

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20 Free Fairy Tale Printables for Kids Rooms • Little Gold Pixel

I Want the Fairy TaleKingdom Chocolatier poster (+ more Frozen posters) • UnicornTinker Bell (+more) • Have Courage and Be KindCinderella’s Castle • Snow Monster (+ more Frozen posters) • Watercolor HorseI Believe in FairiesLet It Go


P.S. More freebies. More children’s printables. And why we love fairy tales.

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  • Sam
    April 25, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Hey Vanessa! I LOVE these! And thanks for including some of my printables. I also have to say I’m a bit jealous of all the girly desires of your daughter; I have two boys (one is 5 as well) and we’re all about Star Wars, Zombies and anything else boyish!! I’d love a little bit more pink and fairy tales 🙂